1.8 | never enough

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"hyuck it's me! jaemin!" jaemin knocked on the door.

donghyuck and gayoung let out a sigh of relief. donghyuck made his way to the front door and opened it, welcoming jaemin in and shutting the door behind him.

"jaemin!" gayoung ran up to him and pulled him into a tight hug.

"hey i'm right here," he softly said, running his fingers through her hair and placed a kiss on her forehead.

donghyuck gagged in disgust, "ew get a room."

"not the time donghyuck," jaemin glared at the boy. "i'm taking gayoung with me before eunhye figures out your house address, we don't want to involve more people into this."

"sure, be safe you two," donghyuck waved them off.

as they stepped out of donghyuck's house, jaemin made sure to look in every direction, in case of any danger, then held gayoung's hand firmly in his and took off.

"where are we heading off to?" gayoung asked jaemin. she couldn't really look directly at him since he was power walking ahead of her, leading the way.

"somewhere safe, out of this town," they stopped at a car and he opened the door to the passenger seat. "hop on princess."

"since when can you drive?" gayoung asked, more concerned if he knows how to drive or not than being chased by an obsessed 'friend' of hers.

he ushered her in carefully, making sure that she doesn't hit her head, "of course, doyoung taught me a few times because he was bored."

"how's... everyone?" gayoung asked, playing with her fingers as her mind wanders off to her family.

"everything and everyone is all over the place," jaemin replied, starting the engine and driving off. he looked at gayoung for a brief second, then held her hand with his left hand as his right hand was on the steering wheel.

gayoung jumped at the unexpected move. jaemin sighed, "it's okay, i'm here with you."

the whole car ride was quiet but it wasn't so peaceful. both of their minds were flooded with many what if's and the possibility of eunhye tailing them.

gayoung held jaemin's hand in comfort and still didn't say a thing. she felt guilty for dragging in so many innocent people that are risking their lives just for her.

the ride felt like eternity. the only thing that happened was gayoung holding jaemin's hand for comfort and jaemin gently squeezing her hand back, letting her know that he worries for her.

that he cares for her.

he parked the car on the side of the road, where the view of the ocean was displayed below the cliff.

the two approached closer to the cliff, but not too close to accidentally trip and fall, hand in hand.

gayoung gawked at the view, "it's breathtaking."

jaemin, instead of looking at the ocean, stared at gayoung. a soft yet sad smile slowly forming on his lips, "just like you."

"jaemin.. uhm.. i-i," gayoung kept stuttering. she wanted to say it so badly, but her nervousness had been stopping her from doing so.

"what is it princess?"

"i love y—"

"am i interrupting something~?"

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