Chapter 15 : Hot and Cold

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Irene's POV
I put the soup in a glass bowl and carefully brought it to him. I put the bowl of soup on the table and looked at him. "What happened to your appearance?" Taehyung asked. "Huh? Oh I decided to look different today. Why?" I said to him. I walked back to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of warm water for him. "Just different..." He mumbled.

I sighed and sat beside this blank guy. "Eat your soup." I ordered him. He was just daydreaming while staring at the wall. I sighed and tapped his shoulder. "Woah!" He suddenly pulled me. I shut my eyes tightly and slowly opened it after a while. He was on top of me. He smirked at me. Damn he looks cute....

"W-what are you doing?" I asked nervously. I felt my cheeks burning. I immediately pushed him away when I felt him leaning closer. "Hmm I guess you blush when I did that huh?" He teased. "I'm not blushing!" I said embarrassingly. I hit his arm playfully. "Owww!" He pretended to get hurt as he rub his "hurt" arm. I laughed at him and sat beside him.

"You're pretty today." He complimented. "So you're saying I usually looked ugly?" I teased. He chuckled as looked away. "You always look ugly." He said as he turned back to me with that teasing look. "YAH, WHAT DID YOU SAY?" I stood up, ready to beat his ass. He laughed at me. "Just kidding. You look fine I guess?" He said as he looked at me from head to toe.

I sighed. "Well at least I still look better than you." I crossed my arms before sitting on the sofa but further from him. He took the bowl and slowly grabbed the spoon. I watched him eat carefully as I felt worried about him.

Lisa's POV
"So you like Irene eonnie now?" I asked Jisoo who was happily eating her ice cream. "I don't know... I still have that plan in my mind." Jisoo told me. Oh shit... The plan is still on huh? I licked my ice cream which was about to melt. I looked at my watch as I taste the sweet strawberry flavoured ice cream.

"But to be honest... Don't you think Irene and Taehyung are actually cute together?" Jisoo asked. "Hmm?" I looked at her with a confused expression. "Yeah but- Nevermind... Is Jennie eonnie fine now?" I said to her. Jisoo just nodded slowly. "She's taking a rest today so I have to take charge for my team. I'm going to watch a movie with Rosé tonight." She told me.

"A movie?" I asked. Jisoo nodded and gave me a warm smile. "Why didn't you invite me?" I said with a cute voice as I showed a frown. "Aigoo you're too busy with your oppa." She teased and ended up earning a hit on her arm. "Yah, he's just my friend." I  felt my cheeks burning. "Jungkook oppa has a crush on someone else anyways." I said.

"Who?" Jisoo eonnie asked curiously. "A girl named Yeri. I ever saw her once and I could already see that Jungkook really likes her." I said with a slight sadness in my tone. "Lisa is jealous?" She teased again. "Ahh eonnie!" I gave her a soft push and left her. She just laughed at me as I walked away from her.

I reached the office and opened the door. I looked at my co-workers who were all busy with their own work. I took a seat at my place and turned on my computer. "Attention!" We all turned to the owner of the voice. It was Park Jimin, who was wearing a dark blue suit. "Lisa." He suddenly called. I stood up from my seat slowly with a scared feeling in my heart. Is he gonna get mad at me?

"Please help Kang Seulgi since she doesn't understand the basics I've thought her." Jimin ordered. A tall slim female figure walked beside him with a shy look on her face. Her beautiful cat eyes caught my attention. It reminds me of Jennie eonnie... Seulgi walked towards me and bowed. "Annyeonghaseyo." She said shyly as she forced a smile. I turned to Jimin who was still standing to announce something. "We have a meeting with the chairman at 2 pm. Be sure to prepare for your speech. Thank you." He said and bowed before leaving. I turned to the Kang Seulgi girl and took a chair for her to sit. We both sat down and talked for a while before proceeding to work.

Irene's POV
I grabbed the empty bowl and brought it to the sink to wash it. I washed the bowl carefully and put it in the top cupboard. I grabbed a white coloured mug and grabbed a coffee pack. I made a warm coffee for myself and walked back to Taehyung. He was taking a nap peacefully. I smiled to myself as I felt a sudden weird comfortable feeling when I looked at him. I went closer to him.

I slowly touched his hair and brush it softly. I started to admire his features one by one. Damn he's actually really handsome.... But then I promised myself to not fall in love. I must control myself.... I felt a sudden stab in my heart as my smile quickly disappear from my face. My hands slowly stop brushing his hair. I felt this sudden sadness in my heart. I sighed and decided to sit further from him. "Irene...." I heard him mumble to himself. I went closer to him to see if he's awake. His eyes were still closed but he was moving his hand.

His hand suddenly touched mine. I was quite shock but before I could react, he spoke softly. "Irene..." His hand held mine tightly. What is this feeling I'm having? My heart felt like it's racing and I have this feeling in my stomach. His eyes slowly opened and he looked at me deeply. "Don't leave me..." He said. I just sat there confused as I looked at him confusingly.

I don't know what's wrong with me... This feeling he's giving me... Felt... Special.... Everytime I look at him, my heart just becomes crazy... His smile which warmly comforts my heart, making me forget all my worries and problems... His voice which totally make me feel safe around him even though he's sometimes rude... I don't know anymore...

Am I falling for him?!

I promised myself... I promised... But I just can't help my heart but to just have a sudden interest in him. Is this what you call love? I don't get what love is... The stories, movies and novels never help me understand no matter how much I read. Nothing can describe the feeling I'm having. It felt weird... Like my heart was going boom boom and the sudden comfort just spread towards your whole body. I don't even know how to describe this feeling...

His eyes just locked with mine. He looked at me as if he can read my mind. He chuckled before looking away, breaking the eye contact. I looked away and blinked a few times to come back to my senses. "Drink your coffee." He said. "Oh right..." I said as I totally forgot about my coffee. Then I felt something holding my hand.

His hand was still holding mine tightly. "Umm... Taehyung?" I said as I stare at our hands. "Oh sorry..." He realised it and quickly looked away. I grabbed my mug and drank my coffee which was no longer warm because of sitting out too long. "What time is it?" Taehyung asked. I put my empty mug on the glass table before talking to him.

"It's 11 am now." I told him. "Have you had lunch?" He asked as he sat up straight. I shook my head and smelled the strong alcohol smell. I covered my nose. "Yah, the smell of the alcohol is really...." I said to him. "Well I guess I gotta change for a while..." He said and stood up. "How much did you drink?" I asked. "I drank all the bottles." He told me. "Well of course you would smell like that... You drank so much!" I crossed my arms.

"And what's wrong with drinking that much?" He shot me a glare. "It's not good for your health!" I stood up. "And? That's none of your business and it's up to me." He said rudely. "Oh because I care-" He threw his watch to the sofa before fighting back. "Well I don't need you to care. I can do what I wanna do and you don't have to get involve in it." He said. Damn his attitude changed real quick...

Hot and cold huh? Is that what people call it? I can't believe he didn't thank me for helping him.

I grabbed my bag. "Where are you going?" He asked rudely. "Away? I don't need to get involve in what you're gonna do anyways." I said before walking away from him. "Yah, come back here you bitch!" He cursed at me. I had enough... I walked towards him and gave him a slap on the cheek. He looked at me in disbelief. "Did you just slap me?" He asked before looking at me with his death glare. "You deserve it. And anything you do, it will never affect me" I said as I crossed my arms and looked at him with an arrogant expression.

He pushed me to the sofa and went on top of me. "If I'm this close to you, does it affect you?" He whispered in my ear. I felt his warm breath on my neck as I felt myself trembling in fear.


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