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It has been a week since Xander said that he would tell me all the truth, anything that I want to know. Honestly I have been really impatient this past week and wanted to know everything as soon as possible but Xander had to go to a royal meeting, far away the next day after the garden incident. And yes, Xander was kind of talking truth about Robert roaming somewhere else but his words might be a little different, the difference was that he was not roaming but being dragged to some other part of the garden by soldiers, I don't understand how they managed to take him somewhere else when I was just there, standing some foots away from him.

"Child, pay attention" My father flicked his finger and thumb in front of my eyes to get my attention and I reddened in embarrassment knowing that I zoned out again.

"You haven't eaten anything present on your plate, I have been seeing you stressing over something for the past week, I thought you would eventually tell me but you didn't so now I am asking my precious daughter, what is bothering you so much?"

I looked down at my plate, seeing as it is only filled with all food, untouched. I sighed and decided to ask him the same question which I have asked other people numerous times. I inhaled audibly.

"Father, do you know what happened back there?" His eyes clouded with confusion and I waited until he understood my words and went rigid. I know thinking about what happened at his kingdom must deeply hurt him.

He has been healthy for the past days and I couldn't be more happy but the worst thoughts are always on the backs of our minds. Before he could tell me anything William interrupted our conversation.

"The healers are here, they would like to inspect you sir," He gestured towards my father and bowed down in front of me after noticing me. Even though father has been healthy but Xander is still making healers check him after every two days, and this is one of the reasons I am bound to think that he is changing, and I felt really good when I came to know that Xander was taking care of my father real good.

"Oh, please young man follow the way" Father stood up from the dinning table in which we were seated for lunch. He gave me a kiss on the forehead before walking out of the room with William.


He has been good to me from the start and now too and I am happy to know that there are now some people here which are for me, like Helen, William, father and Xander.

I hope that I am right in thinking that he does care about me.

It has been two weeks since the last time I saw Xander and truthfully I am happy about it, I get to spend some time alone with Robert and father without someone interrupting us. And I get to solve my jumbled nerves by taking some time away from him but the fact cannot be denied that my patience is running thin, I still don't know the truth. I wondered how much time I had spent here and after a brief talk with William I came to know that yesterday marked my stay in here as nine months. It surprised me because the time passed too quickly or rather didn't.

2 days more passed and finally xander came back. But of course the journey must have tired him, so I didn't asked him anything about his promise and that is how we are on the dining table now.

I cleared my throat and gulped some water before speaking " So how was your journey?" A harmless question, he smiled and answered,

"Great! I got the work done too, it took a long time but that's how it works, I bet you missed me"

"And I bet you had wet dreams about me" I retorted but quickly realized what I said and smacked my palm on my for head and xander laughed like his life depended on it.

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