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It was the last day at school. Excited Yet anxious knowing its the last day of the finals. "Wish me luck." Dasom thought.

The bell rang and all of the students went to their classrooms.

Dasom; POV

It's the last day of school, and the last day of the finals. Spending 10 months in school was tough yet quite challenging which was really fun to experience, but it is ending. Come on kim dasom, you can do this. This can make everyone proud of you.

Earlier today

I was eating my breakfast until someone called me

'Big brother' on the screen

I picked it up and said my 'hello'

Morning dasom! It's a big day! I just want to tell you good luck on your exam.

Thanks doyoung-ah! Wish me luck too.

I wanted to tease my big borther kim doyoung
By speaking informally at him ^^

Hey! Kim dasom, Did you just-

I cut him

Ok! Tomorrow is the audition, i hope i pass.

And if you did, you'll be here with me in seoul.

I know that, but now i have to go. Again wish me luck!

Okii, bye!

Call ended

I was quietly seated at my desk until my best friend came in. Park chaeyoung.

End of POV

"Dasomieeee!" Chaeyong called dasom like a little baby. "Chaeyoungieeee!" And dasom did the same.

"It's the last day of school! And tomorrow is our audition! Are you nervous about it?" Dasom nodded and said "I'm really really nervous."

"Don't be! I'm here to support you! And look, if you pass, you'll get to see your brother again! You said you miss him a lot!"

"I do miss him a lot and thank you, i will also support you but, the audition, you are a beautiful singer, but will the judges like me? Will they accept me? Am i a good singer?" Right then, Dasom lost her breath.

"Woah, hey, breathe in and breathe out. It's ok! And Hey! We still have the exams today!"


To be continued

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