:Chapter 11:

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Pride and happiness swelled in me at the thought of Lore being my girlfriend. The way she hugged me and her frail form with her arms wrapped around me. Her scent filling my nose teasing me senseless making me want her even more.

'She's like the forbidden fruit that we want so badly, yet can't have until it is offered.' That was one wait to put it. But I got one step closer to that forbidden fruit with our relationship. The kiss on her soft cheek was like nirvana to me, it wasn't her lips though.

But I would take the cheek over nothing. I had never felt so happy before in my life and it showed when I went home. My mother had run out with my father for some errands, shopping and things like that. All I could do was happily sit down at the counter.

Tomorrow Lore would be back over at my house, but this time not as my friend. But as my girlfriend and that thought made me feel so special. Biting my lip I got up and a drink and sat down as I sat down with a bit of a smile as Isadora texted me.

'You tell her the good news, she did try to play a hand on getting us together. . . behind our backs of course.' 'That does sound like Isadora honestly.' I nodded at that. She was asking me how my coffee date went and I grinned.

We're dating now.

And then I hit send. Turns out Isadora was just as excited for me. Isadora was one of those friends you could practically tell anything. Good news? She tended to be just as excited as you were. Hands down Isadora was my bestfriend without a doubt in the world.

I loved having a friend like her. 'She is a good friend, and her wolf Blossom is quite something else, she's quite something.' I nodded at that as I shut my phone off feeling quite proud of myself as of right now, more so than ever.

Sure graduating high school was something, as well as the online college that I was in. But now I had a girlfriend. And not just some random girl from the street either. My mate. Since I turned sixteen three years ago I had been waiting for this to happen, and now it finally happened.

Lore was my girlfriend and honestly I had never been more thrilled. 'She's so sweet and now she's our girlfriend.' At that moment it got a bit chillier in the house making me shiver just a bit from the sudden drop despite being immune to the cold.




Death had always respected the whole letting me live my own life

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Death had always respected the whole letting me live my own life. 'He rarely really intervenes with much, which I have to admit is very polite of him. . . for the angle of death--- god of death. Or whatever he is.'

The most he came for was telling me information that the three fates wouldn't allow him to tell. Of course he also visited when I was learned to keep my power under control and limit the dead crows appearing outside my window, and he taught me that.

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