"I won't sleep with you anymore," Leinard said when I came round.

I groggily sat up and saw he was already dressed to go.

He waited for me to redress in my clothes and helped me reclaim my decency.

I sighed, feeling sad for Leinard. I was so convinced that Charlese was in love with him. Those heart flutters and insistent urges to be held by him and be at his side were strong feelings. She must have been thinking about that Troy guy when she was with him. It must've been that.

"Yeah, probably better you don't. This body needs to get a better clue about what love actually is and the value of chastity. I haven't helped being carried away with the moment." I sighed again. "I think I've got a handle on that now."

The sick feeling in my stomach at what I had discovered of Charlese was my trigger on holding back.  From that memory of hers, I realised she was still impressionable despite being my age. I mean, I wasn't wise like Shuso, but I think I had a better grasp of reality than her. To shoot a boy under ten summers because he was predestined to die or, worse, was in her way was disgusting. The lower class was just animals to her. I understood Trix's dislike.

I realised Charlese's succubus urges were to blame for jumping Leinard's bones. By War's knowledge, they were a special breed of human who were known for their seduction to beguile men. They were held in favour of the Armia Court for centuries. Most of the families were prominent and had direct relationships with the king and royal household.

"Hey Colonel, I'm not Charlese, you know that right?" I met his grey eyes.

He held my gaze before lowering his eyes toward the dirtied gloves I had yet to put back on.

"Yeah. I'm sorry for sleeping with you, won't do it anymore." He quietly apologised and stood.

I noticed his shoulders were bunched and head downcast as he walked away from me. Heart broken. I didn't understand what made him crush on her so badly. Was it the sex? Must have been. I felt relieved he had been rejected. She wasn't a good match for him.

"Hey Colonel, do you know a Lita Smithsonian?" I called out to his back to vary the subject.

He stopped and faced me.

"Lethal Lita? Deacon's niece? Yeah, why?" He innocently replied.

His nickname for Lita made me burst with laughter. "Oh man, she'll clobber you one if she heard that."

He groaned and pointed to a light scar on the back of his shoulder. "She already has with a miniature kangaroo-bot."

That was enough to make me keel over with a laughing fit. His expression lighten with his lips stretched in a wry smile.

"I do think Charlese values you," I said once I had calmed down, hoping I had softened some of his heartache.

"I know she does as a friend, but finding out that sex with me was a chore is, well, I knew she felt that way. I guess I was hoping something would spark between us." Leinard sighed. "Ironic. The first time I felt we were making love was when a man had possession of her body."

He sounded less depressed.

"You fell in love with her." I gently reassured him. "Being in love is nothing wrong. I mean, my eldest brother was brutally dumped in front of an army of Neska Gudari. His ex-lover publicly tortured him. So, I think you were let down easy there."

"Humph, isn't it weird that I'm getting consoled for being dumped from the mouth of the girl who's indirectly dumped me," he said with his one-brow look.

"Aah, yeah, sometimes I forget I'm not in my body." I scratched my head, feeling awkward.

We dropped the love talk and changed our conversation to lighter topics as he made our way back to the group. We filled everyone in on what we both had seen from that memory.

"Also this body is off limits to anyone. You as much as leer at my lady bumps, I'll... do something you don't like!" I gave the men my ultimatum with a firm frown and raised fist.

I tighten Colin's overcoat over myself, so I resembled something of a patchwork sack.

"Like anyone would! I know you're not Charlese, but seeing this body before me makes me wanna hurl chunks." Trix answered back.

He received a nastier insult from me in return.

We slung more insults at each other to initiate a gun fight.

"ENOUGH!" Deacon's yelling rang through our ears to stop our fighting.

"This is why we shouldn't use children to fight wars." He heaved a weary sigh.

I handed back the gun I had stolen from Colin's holster. He snatched it from my hands with a rude finger and expression of warning.

"Okay, now that we have order. Let's discuss this Sol Saviour we've learned from Leinard." Deacon called everyone's attention around him.

"I'm worried that it could be a weapon." Leinard turned to me with a sober expression.

He directed his question to me. "What do you think it is since you're in her body?"

"Yeah, but I'm thinking like myself." I blurted.

"Like dat's gunna get us anywhere." A stranger groaned.

I frowned at the knight standing next to Colin. His hair was a fiery red like War's, he even had the same green coloured eyes. He also looked about War's age (of the present time) and had a similar muscly body. His face was full of light freckles some dotting along his nose and along his cheeks, which made him appear younger and with a bit of cheek.

"Um, don't wanna sound rude, but I will. Who the hell are you?" I blatantly asked the red-haired knight.

"Gavin." Gavin grumbled like his name was being forced out of him.

Colin stepped forward and introduced the other two guys next to him. Next to Gavin was Miller who was a lanky boy of my age with a stoic face that looked like it had never cracked a smile. Then Andy whose long silver hair was held back in a ponytail; his face was wide with a large chin, narrow set eyes and high cheekbones. He seemed to be about the same age as Death of my present time.

Deacon continued with the rest of the introductions.

"So, this is everyone Ganmo. Now, please answer Leinard's question. Can you tell us more?"

I felt the bearded man's question heating up my cheeks. Looks like I was going to have to give them something, so decided to let the instincts of this body do the talking.

I deeply exhaled, opened my mouth and began to speak.

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