Chapter 13

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~~~~A/n This is dedicated to me reader to Dark_Animegirl1507
Now back to the story ~~~~

Alex POV

I lost to that person riding that bike he left me in the dust and I never lose so tjat was soooo....unexpected to happen. After seeing that he left me in the dust and won I drove back to my home and walked inside and saw my friends hanging out in my living room

Italics/tilted=Alex's friends

Hey Alex

Hey guys you won't believe what happened today

Well duh cause first of all we were not there you idiot

Shut up blake you smartass

Whatever so are you going to tell us or not

Okay so yoy know the new girl Amy right

Well yeah she is hella hot and sexy but is also the talk of the school

Yeah either way I went to the gym since you know I skip classes like who doesn't either way back to the topic I see Amy at the gym with this dude and he was pretty good looking as a compliment cause I am not gay

You sure dude cause I don't know anymore

Shit the fuck up Colby (is the other friend of Alex) and yes I am sure that I am not gay

( I have nothing against anybody's sexuality is the word I think 😅)

Okay if you say so buddy

Are the both of you going to shut up so I csn continue or not so I csn go to sleep

Okay okay go ahead as you were saying Alex

and so than I went to Andy you know to see what she was doing and  to get more info about amy and we were right she is from the "Bloody Vipers"

Wow okay continue

So we talked more and told me she got a membership in the gym and beat the crap of this buff guy that was like 3 times her size and when she was done she wasn't even sweating as if it was easy and now everyone respects her even Andy

Wow that is shocking cause to Andy respect someone on there first day I tough i guess she really did scare the crap out of everyone huh

Yeah dude no kidding but than I never saw her cause i went on the top floor and she was in the bottom with that dude i don't know his name but yeah

That was it anything

Nope than this dude fucking left me in the road cause we were going to race and since I challenged him to a race and you know I never freaking lose so I was pretty shocked cause not even you guys can beat me

okay did you check his plates from the vehicle that they were driving

Nope I told you the light turned green and zoom he left already that fast he was

Ohhh well might find him tommarow at the racing you know if he is that good of a racer

Yeah true and that was it I am going to head to bed now cause today was a really tiring day bye good night guys till tommarow

Alright Alex goodnight bro take care and see you tommarow morning

Conversation ended

With that I left the guys and went to sleep on my bed with one thought "who are you amy and what are you doing here"


Beep beep beep bee-

I turn my alarm and get up as you can see I am a peraon who makes up early either way I go in my bathroom and take a shower

15 minutes later

I get out of the shower and leave and go in my room and walk to my walk in closet and pick this out it is a white shirt that hugs my muscles right when I flex them and you can also see my eight pack through the white shirt with black jeans and some timberlands and I am ready to go and i go downstairs to see my two bestfriends colby and blake talking and eating breakfast.

I just say morning and sit and grab my self some cereal and eat after we are done we see the time and we are really late like usually and we head out.

We pick our own cars and drive there and I checked the time again since there was nobody outside since class was still going to see that I have 3 period which is history ugh i hate that old geaser since I don't have the same class as Colby and Blake we say bye and head to our own classes

Mr.whatever his name is is telling me why I'm late once again and I don't pay attention and look around the class to see Amy and a empty seat which gave me a excuse to say it was the farthest from the front and when I sit down she looks up or seemed she was sleeping

She looked at me irritating and like she didn't want to talk me than she spoke


Why can't I have a day without you being here

Darling you are blessed that I am even sitting next to you cause other girls would faint to have me sit with them

Well I am not like the other girls and you are not that hot even cause I have seen better

oh really honey okay thank bring him here during lunch if you aren't scared but you can back down and say that I am the hottest and a kiss

Nope I ain't scared of you and deal I will call him over plus he is my baby

What do you mean by baby as a guy,kid,or a vehicle

It's a guy and he is my boyfriend

No wonder you say he is hotter than me cause you are dating him

That but it's also true he is hotter than you he more like a greek god

Whatever you say darling

Stop calling me that it's annoying

Stop calling you what darling

That word darling only my boyfriend is allowed to call me that and nicknames

Okay geez


The bell rang so we stopped talking and headed out and I felt my heart ache when she said she has a boyfriend am I jealous no no no that can't because I have never been jealous for someone ugh I hate this feeling

A/n that was it guys I hope you guys liked it love you all take care bye bye

A/n that was it guys I hope you guys liked it love you all take care bye bye

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