You sit in your seat with your headphones on while you flip the page in your magazine. You wish this flight would end. You been in the same position for at least three hours and you're starting to get cramps.

You feel a nudge on your shoulder. You take your headphone out to hear Niall asking if you want a blanket and a pillow. "Yes Please" You say quietly as the flight attendant hands you one. "This flight seems so long" Niall says. He sweeps the blanket over you both. You lay your head on Nialls shoulder feeling your eyelids start to close. "Tired Princess" Niall asked as he intertwines his hand in yours. "mmhhmm" you reply.

Niall takes his free hand and lays it on your thigh right where you skirt ends. He lightly starts massaging rubbing up and down your leg. Now his hand is past your skirt and he traces the line of your panties. "Niall baby I'm really tired" Niall ignores your comment and slides one finger under your pantie line. He slowly starts rubbing your clit moving in little circles. You want him to stop but it just feels so good. You let out a little moan trying to be quiet so the rest of the awake boys in front of you won't hear. Nialls finger slides down your now dripping wet pussy. Niall leans over and whispers in your ear "Did I make you this wet baby"  "Who else do you think did the flight attendant" Niall laughed a little as he suddenly slid two fingers in you not letting you adjust. You let out a sudden moan. It was loud and obviously Harry heard you and quickly turned around. You try to play the moan off as a cough. It didn't work cause Harry gives you his cheecky grin and then gives you a thumb up.

Your stomach tenses up and you can feel it coming. As soon as you're about to cum Niall pulls his fingers out. "Why you bastard" you say to him. "I thought your where to tired" He lifts his hand up to his mouth wanting to taste your warm juices. You reach over and grab his hand and stick his fingers in your mouth. "mmm I taste yummy" "You naughty bitch I wanted that"Niall said angrily. You lean over to Niall "Meet me in the bathroom in five"

You go into the bathroom and fix your hair. Not even a minute goes by and Niall is already at the door barging in. "I can't it anymore I want You now (y/n)"

Niall grabs your hips and picks you up setting you on the sink, you tug on his shirt he lifts his arms up so you can pull it over his head. You run your fingers down his abs making him shiver with your touch. Niall is nibbling on you ear while you unbuckle his belt and slide down his pants revealing his massive hard-on. You grabbed his length and rub down his shaft as you slide his boxers to his ankles.

You grabbed his cock and rubbed down his shaft making him moan. Niall pulled your hand up and thrusted his member into you. You moaned as his fast thruts turned from pain to pleasure. He sucked on your sweet spot under your ear. Nialls breaths got heavy and deep which meant that he was about to cum. He let out one more moan as his warm juices filled you up. You hadn't got to your peak yet so Niall kept pumping. He reached his hand down and started rubbing your clit. You instantly came on his hand. "that's right baby cum for me" Niall said as you let out your last moan.  He lifted his hand to his mouth to lick them clean when you grabbed it and licked them. "Why won't you let me taste you (y/n)" "because I just taste so damn good" You say.

You both put your clothes back on and walk out the door. When you open the door you see a very angry flight attendant. "sorry" is all you can say . You and Niall walk back to your seats. When you get to your seats the rest of the boys turn around and look at you both. "congrats on becoming part of the mile high club mate" Harry says. You turn bright red and sit down. Niall puts the blanket over you two again. Niall suddenly slips a finger into your still wet pussy. He takes it out and licks it. "mmm you do taste good". You laugh and lay your head on Nialls shoulder as you start to drift off.

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