The Worst [Doflamingo x Reader]

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Giving some love to one of the most complex villains in One Piece so far.

Hope you like it!



Fire. Tears. Arrow.

Doflamingo jolted awake, the book that had been resting on his face falling and hitting the floor with a thud and the spasm knocking the barrel he had been using as a footrest.

Beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead as he panted, his fingers digging in the arms of the white armchair and his eyebrows knitting together in a perfect frown.

Picking up his glasses from the windowsill, he put them on and, ignoring the glass that stood beautifully under the sunbeams coming in through the window, he reached for the bottle of wine and took an enormous gulp, some of the liquid failing to meet his lips and cascading down the sides of his mouth.

The sound of the Den Den Mushi finally reached his ears, it having disappeared in the background behind his labored breathing up until that moment, and Doflamingo stared at the snail for a considerable amount of time.

He stood up, stepping in its direction while cleaning his mouth with the back of his free hand, his other fingers barely holding the neck of the bottle before throwing it to the floor.

He brought the speaker to his mouth, the Den Den Mushi articulating its characteristic gotcha.

"What?" The blond grunted.

The crease on his forehead softened, though, as the information the person was giving him pushed the memories to the back of his mind for a second.

"Law?" He questioned and paused. "I see."

With that, he hung up, turning around and letting out a deep sigh as he observed the mess the bottle had created on the floor.


The soft sound of knuckles coming into contact with the wooden door popped his bubble, letting him know that he had spaced out.

"Doffy, you alright?"

You awaited for his answer, but proceeded to open the door when he didn't reply.

"I heard som-" you trailed off as your eyes met the scene before you.

His back was turned in your direction, and the blond stiffed, his fingers lifting the bridge of his glasses and pinching his nose before his head barely turned to acknowledge your presence.

"I'm fine."

You glanced at him, registering what you could see of his contorted expression.

Bitting your lower lip, you considered your options. You could ask him again, and would probably receive the same answer, or you could let him be.

Whatever it was that was troubling his mind, he would only tell you if he considered it remotely important, so you finally opted for the later.

"I'll bring something to pic-"

You started turning as you spoke, but Doflamingo interrupted your sentence, his hand batting in the air before he stepped forward and resumed his place on the white armchair.

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