The Cabin

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It's all lies, it's all lies

Fairytale's a waste of time

It's all lies, it's all lies

This is not a love song

You know what I want, you know what I like

No need to pretend we'll be happy in the end

No more lies, no more lies

Not a Love Song - bulow

Chapter Ten - The Cabin

Violet's P.O.V

"Viola, I need a favor," I grabbed the collar of her shirt then pulled her into our room. I made sure to close the bedroom door so our parents wouldn't hear the conversation. When I turned around, Viola was rubbing a red spot on her neck.

"You didn't have to attack me to get me in here, Violet. What's going on?"

"Carson invited me to his parent's cabin this weekend. We thought it would be a good idea to invite some friends and have a little get together. You can invite your friend Sean if you want. You can get some studying done," she smacked my shoulder when I winked at her.

"That sounds like fun, but why did you need to pull me in here? Was it that serious?"

"Well, yes. I need your help with telling Mom and Dad. They trust you more than me, so you need to convince them. Tell them it will be like a big study orgy or something," I stuck my bottom lip out when she shook her head no.

"Why do I have to get stuck with the dirty work? I'm sure they'll say yes." I gave her a blank stare when she said that. My parents trust Viola more than me because they think I'm a big fuck up. Viola was the responsible one, and I was the shame to the family. I wish they could see me differently because ever since I've been hanging out with Carson, my grades have been better and I haven't been partying like I used to.

"Come on, Viola! If you want to go then you have to tell them," I smirked when she sighed in defeat.

"Fine, but you'll be right there with me." I groaned as she grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the bedroom. It was the perfect time to talk to them because it was dinner time. I took my seat next to Viola while our parents sat in front of us. It was pretty quiet for a while for once. I'm not sure why my parents were so quiet tonight, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity for Viola to speak up. She jumped when I lifted my foot and kicked her leg. I turned to her and smiled. Viola narrowed her eyes at me then turned to our parents.

"What's wrong?" Dad said.

"Well, I... we wanted to talk to you about something." I shot her a glare when she mentioned me too. This plan was never going to work now that she mentioned me.

"And what do you want to talk to us about?" Mom raised her eyebrow. I started to get nervous when they both looked at me. They probably thought I was being a bad influence on her.

"Carson invited Violet and me to his parent's cabin. There are midterms coming up so we wanted to all get together and study. My friend Sean and his girlfriend will be there. Carson's parents will be there mostly at night to make sure everything is okay. We would host our study group here but there's not enough room for all of us, and I know you don't want to be woken up by us. Just so you know we're going to sleep in the guest room while Sean and Carson sleep in his room." I could only focus on the pasta in front of me. At this point, I knew we were both about to get screamed at. Viola was talking way too much. Our parents were probably super suspicious about the whole thing.

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