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A Warlock's Kiss

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The waitress in front of her stood expectantly anticipating her order. A notepad was held readily in her hand and her hip stuck out to the side to emphasis her impatience with the young customer. Jasmine observed the menu for a few minutes longer then necessary then looked back to the waitress who was unattractively twirling her pen in a lock of hair and chewing her bottom lip while indiscreetly checking out an oblivious male across the room. With a rude cough Jasmine brought the attention back to herself. Ignoring the fact the waitress had clumsily lost grip of the notepad, Jasmine stated her order in fluent french, " je voudrais un ratatouille et de l''eau s''il vous plait" . The flustered waitress just gave her an abrupt nod before scurrying though a door with the label Staff, a faint smile formed on Jasmine's lips at the affect her attitude had on people.

She looked around the humble restaurant admiring the interior decorating. For the first time she noticed the other customers.

In the booth next to hers sat an old lady whose glasses were perched up above the bridge of her nose and her wide grey eyes observed a news paper. As of sensing Jasmines gaze her grey eyes flicked up and met violet ones, she studied Jasmine for a minute before looking back down to her news paper. Jasmine pursed her lips, before letting her gaze scan the rest of the restaurant.

The male the waitress had been admiring sat on the other side of the room, on a small table next to the window. Jasmine hated to admit it, but, he was rather attractive. He had broad shoulders and muscular arms that ended in long slender fingers that gripped a glass filled with an alcoholic substance. His face had angular features and a faint stubble of a beard. From where Jasmine was sitting she couldn't see his eyes but she could tell from this side on view that he was what the human's would call 'eye-candy'.

Her ears pricked up at the tinkle of the bell that rested on the door as the fourth customer entered. She had long blonde hair, an elegant red dress and large sunglasses that demanded attention.

"Chris," She announced as a greeting, with an air of fake joy and authority. The man's - presumably Chris'- face flicked towards the blonde woman.

"Charlotte," He responded her in a voice full of hatred, Jasmine also noticed the strong American accent that contrasted greatly with the woman's authentic French accent.

Charlotte pursed her lips.

"That is no way to greet your master, is it?" she asked rhetorically. Jasmine's eyes flicked to Chris to see the his reaction. He simply hung his head and didn't meet her eye. Charlotte stalked to his table and slammed her palm down on the wooden table.

"Chris, look at me" She demanded in an icy tone. He met her sunglass hidden eyes and Jasmine got a glimpse of the vibrant green orbs for the first time.

"Charlotte, your weak, why are you here?" He asked. "I might be recovering but I'm not weak," She shot back, a low serpent-like hiss coming from her mouth.

Chris' eyes flicked to Jasmine and back to Charlotte. For the brief moment their eyes connected a tingling sensation shot through Jasmine. "What about them?" he asked Charlotte in a low whisper. Jasmine, with her unnatural hearing picked this up and waited for Charlottes response.

"Don't worry about them, I took away they''re hearing, they're mundanes, I can wipe their memories if it makes you sleep at night," she reassured him sarcastically. Jasmine smirked at this, then her eyes flicked back to Chris who looked skeptic.

His eyes found Jasmine's again and he shrugged, "Okay, if your sure you blocked their hearing," she scowled, "I''m sure".