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I wanted something light and light after my prior book, therefore this youth YA re-read fit the bill perfectly - it was also such a breath of fresh air to (re)read a thing that's so wholly, unmitigatedly five stars out of me personally.  Deadly Engines is futuristic post-apocalyptic steampunk, by effortless worldbuilding that drops little tantalising clues about the past rather than hitting on you with a history statement concerning what happened to this world; in fact, it took me a little while before I even fully realised that this was place thousands of years later on.

It had been my first time re reading this since high school, and it still holds up - maybe closer to 4 stars now I'm older, but I still have this terr This had been my very first time re reading this since high school, and it still holds up - possibly nearer to 4 stars today that I'm old, however I have this dreadful fondness for this particular publication, because ugh, the heart of America, the essence of view, comparative mythology and transferral and worship, conmen and misdirection along with grifters.

I came across a APK of the match a couple weeks ago and that I downloaded it but once I did it keep telling me to download the upgrade however I really could not for the life span of me determine where the updated APK is.  And why there isn't any APKs for Game of Thrones Conquest that it is dependent upon where the game has soft launched the amount of people knows about the match.

Context: '' I came at Battle Royale after devouring and loving The Hunger Games series over the past year, thus a lot with this review will be comparing th Context: I came at Battle Royale after hammering and loving The Hunger Games series within the past year, so a lot of this review will probably be comparing them.

The book also displays the calculated reasoning of this Animorphs as the demanding, capable, hard-sacrificing crew that we all know and love, thanks to Applegate being straight back at the helm; I couldn't help but smile when Edriss, who knows that a few of those Animorphs are humans, offhand assumes that Jake must be an Andalite due to how he talks and strategises.

Her passing was initially which I teared up, and felt as though I personally 'd been struck in the gut, because I hadn't been expecting it.  This show has actually played carefully with deaths - it had been one of my sole ongoing quibbles, which the Main Players in preceding novels always ended up being safe no matter what, and only negative characters kept getting exterminated - but that it's that the final publication, all bets are off and no one is safe.

The ones I initially feared or disliked became affectionate, beloved characters, since there were so many reversals across the duration of the publication - that merely makes sense, as it's a pretty gigantic brick of a book, so goddamnit Bennett for making me tug 600  pages round on the subway.

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