Chapter 39

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Hearing a crack in her voice, Ezekiel went from angry to anxious in a split second. Seeing her head dip into her hands, there was nothing but pure fear coming from their shared link. No long concerned about the mistake, he circled around in front of her, tilting her chin up. "What happened?" 

"I saw things." Her voice was hoarse through the tears. 

Unwilling to venture in the direction, Ezekiel just cradled the woman in his arms, sharing his warmth. "You're with me now, baby. Nothing is going to happen to you." 

"Please don't leave me," she sobbed. 

Peering behind him, Ezekiel backed up into the chair, holding her closer, attempting to calm her down. He could feel her tears hitting his skin, almost searing him. Frankly, he was too afraid to ask what she saw. Internally, he was angry with himself for not paying closer attention. If he had, perhaps this wouldn't have happened. 

Gradually, the sobs died down. Peering down at her face, Ezekiel moved some strands of hair to see Aylin sleeping peacefully in his arms. Running his fingers through her hair, a strong sense of regret washed over him. Sighing, he rested his head against hers. 

'Are you still with Aylin?' Quill's voice sounded in the King's head. 

'Yes, she's asleep. What is it?'

'We found the body of the demon we brought back.'

'Did you capture it?'

'No need. There's no head.'

'Bring everyone in. I don't want a single pack member left in the woods.' 

Cutting the link, the King huffed in frustration. He simply couldn't understand the point. The actions taken by the demon were not normal. Having battled them before, they were usually unorganized, erratic. This behavior was slow, methodical. Taunting the Queen, suddenly leaving a body out in the open to be found. What did this demon want? The answers were becoming fuzzier by the day. 

Thinking back, the lower demon mentioned Aylin's mother. But, by all accounts, she was dead. Then a lightbulb struck over his head. 'Quill, when you get back, I need you to go into my office, and bring me that folder Morris gave us.'

'Sure. What for though?'

'I don't know yet.'

Stirring slightly in his lap, Ezekiel looked down at his mate. Her tiny hands were still fisting his shirt, holding on so tightly as though he would disappear. But her expression was calm, nothing like other times when her eyes would be darting around, and the sweat would pour off her. He realized that he took for granted his calming powers. He calmed her down as much as she calmed him down. 

A light knock pulled him from his thoughts. "Zeke?"


Folder in hand, Quill brought a chair over, sitting in front of his brother. "So, why did you want this?"

"You remember when we were at Dark Moon, and the demon mentioned Aylin's mother?"

He nodded. "Yeah, said her mother may not be dead. What about it?"

"It occurs to me as I look through the photos of the aftermath that you don't see her mother. In multiple ones, you see her father. And, if you really notice, someone took their time with him. Look how many more injuries he sustained?" 

"Demons, Zeke. They're haphazard," he replied, shrugging. 

"Really look at them. Look at the others. Nothing near what her father suffered." 

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