Chapter Twelve: Change is amazing.

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Chapter Twelve: Change is amazing.

Wednesday evening.

LYDIA couldn't help but frown as Freya ranted about the party that the football team was holding tonight for George.

So much for fitting in, Lydia thought as Freya and her entered dorm room.

George left the café after he finished his coffee to study for his upcoming test. So instead of going back to the apartment with him, Lydia decided to call Freya and hang out with her for a while. Though she was now regretting that decision.

"You're going, right?" Freya asked her, jumping onto the couch while Lydia sat down beside her. Shaking her head Lydia shrugged, "I don't think I am."

George sighed harshly, raking his hands through his hair. Sure this wasn't a big deal, it was only a party but he was keeping it from Lydia.

Rolling his eyes, George grabbed his phone and called the one person who could help him. "Chris, I need your advice."

He could imagine Chris flicking his imaginary long hair over his shoulder as he answered. "Doesn't everyone?"

Ignoring his question, George told his best friend his problem, hoping he'd say something helpful.

As Chris listened to George's dilemma, he couldn't help but think that he'd messed up. Though he was making things worse the longer he kept this from Lydia.

He knew it wasn't about the party. It was about Lydia and he changing to be someone she isn't.

"Tell her. Wait till she comes home and tell her. Oh, and don't even think about leaving for that party because if you do I swear I will–"

"Thanks, Chris. I'll call you later," George said, ending the call in one motion.

Laying down on the bed he shared with the love of his life, George closed his eyes. He'd wait until Lydia came home.


I love Christmas :)


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