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Damn alarm clock... I have to change this annoying sound... It seems to me that I'm heavier than usual.I turned my head to one side and noticed Asia lying next to me.I looked at watch in the phone.

F/N: Hmm? Is 6 am?I think we can still sleep...

Asia: Huh...? What's happening...?

F/N: I'm sorry I woke you up, Asia. You can go back sleep.

I smiled and stroked her head.

Asia:OK... HEEEEH!!!

Asia suddenly jumped out of bed as if she was burned.

Asia: I-I-I-I-I-I...!!!

She began to stutter and blush.

F/N: Relax ... Nothing happened ... You can go back to sleep...

I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.Suddenly I felt Asia begin to pinch my cheek.

F/N: Ouch ouch ouch!!! What is going on!

Asia sat down and mumbled.

Asia: You should be more interested in...

F/N: In what?

Asia grabbed a pillow and threw it at me.

Asia: Baka baka baka!!!


Unfortunately, I did not find out from Asia what she meant. After my violent wake up, we got ready for school and left the house. On the way to school, we forgot about our little skirmish in the morning. Before the school gate I noticed that Sona and Tsubaki are talking with two characters.

F/N: Asia, go to class, I will come later.

Asia: Hmm? Why?

F/N: Just go, okay?

Asia nodded, headed for the school building, and I headed for Sonia and Tsubaki.

F/N: Good morning.

All four of them looked at me.

F/N: What is going on here?

Sona: F/N? Hello. I'm talking with our ... guests.

???: Who is this boy? I don't feel devilish power from him.

The blue-haired girl said, still looking at me.

F/N: I am concerned citizen, I would not like to see any unpleasant events at school. You understand?

Then I looked severely at the blue-haired girl. We looked at each other in silence for a long moment. Then a second girl came between us.

Irina: I'm sorry for my friend, my name is Irina, and this is Xenovia.

She said with a beautiful smile.

F/N: You should've said so from the beginning. My name is F/N. So, the atmosphere has already dropped, can you say what are you doing here?

Irina: We are here to talk to the person who controls this territory.

I looked at Sonia.

Sona: This isn't a good place for this type of conversation. Let's go to my office.

As she said, we did.When we were alone in the office, I leaned against the wall next to the door in case of trouble.In the end, they had with them a huge cross-like, thing. If they started going crazy, Sona and Tsubaki probably would not have had a chance.

Sona: Why do you want to talk to that person?

Irina: We assure you that we do not have any bad intentions. We only have a request to the owner of these areas.

Xenovia: We have a demand.

Irina: Hey, you do not have to be so aggressive!

Sona: Well, if it's only a request, I think I can agree to a meeting.You will meet them tomorrow.

Irina: Well, thank you for listening to my request.

Sona: Our friend, F/N, will lead you tomorrow to the person you are looking for.

I didn't expect that I would be responsible for such an important thing.

Sona: If you need something, ask him, he should help you. Right?

Sona looked at me. I nodded my head. Both girls got up and the three of us left the office.

Irina: I do not think you are a devil.

F/N: You think well.

Irina: So why are you helping them?

F/N: Because I have such a caprice.

Xenovia: I don't think you want to talk to us.

F/N: Okay, listen.I do not know you, and you are from the opposite faction with which my friends, to put it mildly, do not have good relationships.If you need help with some kind of help, tell me. If not, go away.

Irina: Actually, I have one request.

F/N: Yes?

Irina: Do you know Issei Hyoudou?

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