Chapter Twenty Eight

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"Brianna!" my dad called as soon as I came in.

"Dad! Thank God, you're fine. I was really worried," I said trying to hold back my tears as I hugged him.

"I know, sweetie and I am sorry for scaring you," he said and kissed my forehead.

"Don't do it again!" I said and smiled crying some tears.

"Don't worry! I won't," he said.

"They we're both worried," Malik said and I looked at him with a smile.

"Yeah and I know you were also. I told you before Malik, there's no need to act like you're just someone who do things for me. You're not. I let you go, even with having my own daughter's heart, so it's so okay,"Dad said and I smiled looking at Malik. Malik smiled and thanked dad.

"He was quite good with hiding his sadness. I mean, I expected to be my sister's supporter, but he was instead of me," Derek said smiling at me. I didn't know why but for a second I felt like a little girl who couldn't take care of herself, the way the three of them smiled at me. Yeah, I was in the same room with the only three men who loved me the most and to their dying breath."

"Yeah, your little sister made the right choice," Dad said and I blushed in embarrassment.

"So, when can I leave?!" he asked changing the topic.

"The nurse said as soon as you're fully healed from the symptoms of a some heart attack. I am sorry, sir! But it will take time," Malik said.

I looked at dad who didn't look as happy anymore. I sighed and hugged him. I was quite better now and he sure was also. I smiled looking at the three men. Seconds later, a nurse came in and she was the same who looked at Malik. I glared at her and she glared back. I know that she knows her place quite well now, at least, she should. He was off the limits. I could hear Malik's smirk and I turned to look at him. He smiled and I glared.

He was probably laughing at me. It's not like it's my mistake that he is so sexy for some nurse to handle. I looked at him and he smiled innocently. I let him be and looked at the nurse. She was looking at dad doing better work. However, I could tell that she was looking at Malik every now and then and I was so not glad with that, but I wouldn't say or do anything right now. My father and my brother were there anyway.

"So, sir, you'll be leaving in a week or so," she said and I looked at her. She turned to look at me and then at Malik. She looked at Derek and I hated that. She kept looking at those who loved me the most either as a brother or as a lover. They were both out of her league. I would never let my brother date a nurse or some girl who dared look at what wasn't hers. Derek should have the best girl ever and only then I would allow him to date. I made the right choice and he must also.

"Malik and Derek! Keep an eye on her, she may kill right now," dad joked and I faked innocence. I could seriously kill right now. However, I would never admit.

"Yeah, you! Don't fake innocence, at least not when you have fought with a girl at the age of six because she took your best friend from you," dad said and both Malik and Derek laughed.
"Yeah! She was my friend, okay?! Why would she play with her?! Same right now, Malik is my boyfriend and Derek is my brother, so she shouldn't look at both of them like that," I defended.

"Come on, sweetie! I need love," Derek said jokingly.

"I would have to approve and that's quite hard and she sure won't be a girl who looks at anyone other than you, okay?! Leave the judging to me!" I said and nodded. They all laughed and I soon followed.

"Good luck with her, Malik!" dad said and I looked at Malik.

"Trust me! She is just like that around you," he said and I looked down. It wasn't for any reason but that his existence would always send me flying with his aura but right now we weren't alone so I wasn't really focusing. Whenever we are alone, I would only think of him and that just pauses my mind's work.

"So, you got our little beast tamed," Dad said and Malik nodded.

"Glad to hear," dad said and looked down at me. I smiled and stood up. I kissed his cheek and turned to Malik. I walked to him and sat next to him. He put his arms around me pulling me to him and dad smiled.

"You've grown up, Brianna!" he said and I looked down shyly.

"Sir, the patient needs to rest, so I may be a little rude and ask you to go out," the nurse said trying to be funny but guess what! She sure wasn't. I hated her and I have already killed her many times in my mind.

"No, you may not," I replied trying get to be nothing but mean. Malik smirked again and said, "Calm down, Brianna! It's for your father's sake."

I sighed and nodded. I looked at Malik and at Derek who smiled at me. Malik carried me and walked me out. I was too lazy to walk anyway. I was so in love with how he would help me.

"That fucking bitch," I murmured but unfortunately, Mr. Policy heard it.

"What did I say about swearing?!" he said and I smiled sheepishly.

"This is the last time," he said with a glare. I nodded with a weak smile. He was so forgiving, but I knew that I shouldn't miss with him anymore. I was never punished so I don't know what it was and to be honest I wasn't really excited to. I sighed and sat on his lap. I kissed his cheek and he kissed my lips in return. I really loved this guy.

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