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Alex woke up the next morning with her head resting on Liam's chest and his arm was wrapped lightly around her waist. She looked up and saw that Liam was awake. "Morning," he said, as he noticed she were awake. "Morning, how are you feeling?" Alex asked, snuggling closer to him. "Better, than yesterday," he said, placing a small kiss on the top of her head. "Okay, love birds, lets get a move on. Who's driving?" Chubs asked, walking into the Back of the van, Zu slowly following behind him. "I will," Alex said, getting up and walking over to the drivers seat, Liam then sliding into the passengers seat. "Where to," she asked turning on the ignition. "Just drive and see what happens," Chubs said, taking out his notebooks, most likely to teach Zu maths. "Okay, just drive it is," she said as she started to drive forward.

They had been driving for about 30 mins with the only sound being Chubs teaching Zu maths, then Alex broke the silence. "Are you sure you're okay Liam," she said, not taking her eyes off the road. "I'm sure, just a little sore," he said looking up form the book he was reading, "Why do you ask?" he continued looking back down at his book. "Because I care and its my fault," she said, muttering the last part. "How many times do I have to say it, everything that happened in the last 48 hours was not your fault, not even close to being your fault, so for the love of God, stop blaming yourself, please," Liam said, closing his book. "That's the thing Liam, after he shot you, I almost killed him, I was strangling him and the way he looked at me, it was like his eyes were telling me it was my fault and the only reason he shot you was because I hurt him, if I didn't throw him up against that wall he wouldn't have had to take his gun out and he wouldn't have shot you," she said glancing quickly at Liam then back at road. "You were trying to protect us Alex, so there no way this is your fault," Chubs chimed in from the back. "I love you guys," she said, admitting defeat. "And we love you," Liam said, opening back up his book and suddenly everybody was quiet again, it was the quiet Alex had grown to love over the past couple of months.

1 hour later

They had been driving in silence for about an hour now, when you looked over to Liam who was fast asleep but you noticed something, Liam wasn't breathing. She immediately stopped the car. "What was that," Chubs called from the back. "He's not breathing Chubs," she said unbuckling her seatbelt. "Shit, shit, shit," Chubs said, unbuckling Liam and carrying Liam into the backseat and started to perform CPR on him but he was having little to no progress. "Come on man, breath dammit," Chubs said in between CPR moves. "Come on Liam, please wake up. I can't lose you, not now, not when I just got you back," she said taking a hold of Liam's hand. "Please, buddy for me, just one deep breath and you'll be breathing normally again, come on mate, we've been through too much for you to die now, so you know don't die now," Chubs said, with a tear falling down his check, Alex was pretty sure she had a waterfall falling down your cheeks. "Please Liam, please"

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