Will U be my friend forever??

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Here the story starts,

Abhi carried Kiara along with her bags moving towards the door, covering his face... Pragya came in front of him and made his face reveal...

Abhi: please Pragya, close my face.. if anyone see me then...

Pragya: nothing will happen.. come fast it's getting late..

Pragya in mind: I am not ready to face any humiliations.. if someone sees him covering his face, they will talk wrong.. I won't let it happen..

Abhi runs towards the left once he came out of her house.. Kiara laughed.. Pragya too runs behind him.. he pressed the button..

Pragya and Kiara started laughing.. making Abhi to make a pout.. in next down floor, an old lady gets in.. Abhi turned back.. Pragya made him to face front and Kiara too helped her by turning his face.. and they laughed... Old lady smiled at them..

Old lady: Is he your husband.. I haven't seen him before.. perfect family you are..

Abhi smiled, Kiara's and Pragya's smile got vanished..
Kiara looks at Abhi longingly.. like why can't you be my dad..

Pragya: No..no..he is my friend...

Old lady: oh sorry.. I haven't seen your husband that's why I asked..

Before Pragya opens her mouth ,Abhi...

Abhi: Mom.. you looks good in this chudi.. this colour suits you well..

Kiara: I thought to say the same.. you look cute ... Dadi

Old lady: thank you so much... I have to go.. bye..

Pragya: bye dadi..

Pragya felt awkward to face Abhi after that hearing the word husband.. she asked him sorry for Dadi's words.. but she had a hear..like what if Abhi asks her about Kiara's dad and her husband..

Abhi: (with a warming smile) Pragya come on.. no sorry.. no thanks between friends..

Pragya lightly smiled at him ..

Abhi: Kiara.. do you know what.. that soapbox is under repair ...(with laugh)

Kiara: really (with laugh)

They hi fied at each other.. making Pragya to look at them with a warning look..

Abhi : come on Pragya.. it's really a soapbox.. I don't know why you liked it... But tell me why did you choose it.. though we have choices of new models.. (with a smile)

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