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The beginning is smut so lol.

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"Are you sure about this?" Louis asked.

Harry nodded, "Very. Click it shut."

Louis grinned, "So demanding."

But he clicked the second handcuff shut around Harry's headboard. He leaned over and placed the key on the bedside table so he wouldn't lose it. Not that he would mind keeping Harry naked cuffed to a bed. He'd quite enjoy that actually.

They were both alread naked with Harry's door locked behind them. They didn't know where the other three were but neither of them cared to ask.

"If you want me to let you go just tell me, okay?" Louis instructed, "I'm not doing anything that you're not comfortable with."

"I'm comfortable." Harry assured, "Horny but comfortable."

Louis laughed, "Don't worry, baby. I'm going to take care of you."

He slid up between Harry's legs so he could lean down and kiss him. He made sure Harry was comfortable up against the pillows. He didn't want Harry to be in any actual pain. Their lips moved together happily and Harry wanted to touch Louis, wanted to run his hands down his back but he was cuffed. The thought had his co.ck twitching against Louis's lower stomach.

"Mhm." Louis hummed, "I can tell Harry junior definitely likes this."

"Please don't call my dick that." Harry groaned.

Louis kissed his nose, "Hold on tight."


Louis grinned and moved down so he could get comfortable nearly almost on top of Harry. He placed his lips against Harry's neck and began sucking on his skin causing Harry to groan.

Harry tried to steady his breathing. Louis's mouth felt amazing and he couldn't even run his fingers through Louis's hair like he loved to do. But it was hot. Being restricted and having his body practically worshipped by Louis was hot. One day he'd have to use these cuffs on Louis. Now that would be fun.

"I love you." Louis whispered, moving down to Harry's chest.

He ran his fingers over Harry's nipple and enjoyed the way Harry's breath hitched in his throat. The younger boy was sensitive over almost everything and he loved it. So he leaned down and wrapped his lips around Harry's nipple and about came right there when a groan escaped from the back of Harry's throat.

He could hear the cuffs clanging against the headboard and it was turning him on. Harry couldn't touch him and he could do whatever he wanted to the younger boy laying beneath him.

He pulled back and licked his lips, "You're so pretty, Harry."

Harry smiled at him with a blush on his face, "So are you, Louis. Now get back to making me feel good."

Louis laughed, "Alright you horny boy." 

He shifted downwards and ran his tongue down Harry's chest until he reached his belly button.

Harry's breath hitched as Louis's chest grazed across his co.ck. The way Louis's tongue was working around his lower stomach had the warm feeling inside already swirling.

"Louis." Harry whined, "Please don't tease."

He shifted on the bed groaning at the pain of the cuffs digging into his wrists.

Louis looked up at him, "They're not hurting you are they?"

"It's okay." Harry assured him, "I want to do this."

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