Chapter 38

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Gasping, Aylin looked at her surroundings, and noticed she was in the woods somewhere. Listening closer, there wasn't anything for quite a ways. No city noise, no cars passing by. "Where the hell am I?" 

"You're in the place where I first saw her," a voice said. Jumping, she turned around, faced with the demon haunting her. "Stay away from me!"

"I said I would show you. I think it's time you understood." 

The change in his demeanor threw Aylin off. She wasn't sure why he was acting this way, but she wasn't about to let her guard down against this dangerous higher demon. 

Snapping his fingers, Zagan was gone in a flash. 

Hearing voices behind her, Aylin observed the scene. 

Zagan looked much younger, incredibly different then his present appearance. His hair was a golden brown, his eyes an ocean blue. Even his physique was different. Much more muscle, while still maintaining his slender shape. He was every bit as attractive as Ezekiel. 

Gazing at her mother, she seemed different. Rather than auburn hair, it was golden blonde, and her eyes were not the hazel brown she remember, instead they were green. Her general state was disarray. Dirt on her face, under her nails. Thinking back, she recalled that her mother was not an original member of the Dark Moon Pack but inducted in. 

Something else that caught her off guard was their clothing. It was not modern day. In fact, it was centuries old. Another piece of the puzzle that made no sense. 

Then, as if being pushed by an unknown force, Aylin found herself in a different time. 

In that moment, her mother was walking away from Zagan, who was on his knees begging. "I thought you loved me," he cried. 

Sighing she turned back to him. "I'm sorry. I don't love you anymore. I'm not your true mate." 

"But, my blood--"

"I have to leave. Goodbye, Zagan." 

Again, another push in time. 

Trailing behind her Mother, the town she was in felt familiar. Turning the corner, there was the iconic diner that everyone in the Dark Moon Pack would go to. "Holy shit." 

Watching her mother go inside, almost immediately, she caught her father's scent. Without even noticing, her father walked right through her. Like she was a ghost. 

He was with other warriors in the pack, and he recognized the small scar that was above his left eye. Seeing him go into the diner, she watched the exchange from afar. Getting a closer look, the two made eye contact, causing her mother to run from the scene. The male hot on her heels. 

"Wait!" he exclaimed, running the street. No matter what he said, she wouldn't stop. Giving up after a bit, he watched her run further away. "Mate," he whispered. 

Being thrown into another time push, Aylin was getting dizzy. "When does this end?"

Finding herself in the woods again, there was a clear pond where her mother took refuge. The sun was shining, and she was bathing herself. A rustle in the bushes startled her, only to be face to face with a large grey and white wolf. Eyes wide, she tried to move back in the water slowly. When the wolf jumped in, it didn't resurface. Confused, she gazed around the still water, concerned. Then, like a firework, he popped his head up from the water, frightening her. 

"What do you want?" she asked. 

"You know what I want." His tone was deadly serious, but there was warmth in his eyes. 

Another rustle in the bushes behind them caught Aylin's attention. Looking closer, there was a person. Making her way around, it was Zagan. Tears staining his face, seeing the interaction between the two mates. Almost as quickly as the sadness came, it was replaced with looming anger and resentment. "I'll make you pay." 

Another forward in time made Aylin fall to her knees holding her head. "This is too much! Get to the point!" She screamed at no one in particular. 

The final forward was the day of the attack, which was still clear in her mind. Even more clear seeing it again. People were running, screaming. Children were crying next to their dead parents. Warriors were shifting attempting to at least slow down the onslaught of demons coming their way. Across the field, she saw her mother, and the younger version of herself speaking. 

Seeing the other Aylin run for the woods, her mother stared at her retreating back, crying her eyes out. Begging for forgiveness, and saying she was sorry, over and over. 

Taking off in a different direction, her father screamed at her mother to wait, but she still kept going. Following after her, Aylin saw her mother by the same pond the day she saw her father again. 

"I knew you'd come for me." 

An evil chuckle came from behind her. "Oh, did you now?" Zagan walked through Aylin, facing the woman. "I suppose this is your punishment." 

"What happened to you, Zagan?" 

Clenching his jaw, he brushed it off. "Not that it matters to you, but I told you not to leave me. And then you go, and mate with a werewolf! I saved your life, and this is the thanks I get." 

"Saved my life?! You forced me to stay with you!"

"Forced? Forced?!" In a flash, he wrapped his hand around her throat. "You loved me, and you deny it now? As payment, I'm going to take something you love."

Clawing at his hand, her mother knew what the demon meant. " can't have her," she wheezed. 

Pulling something from his pocket, he showed her. Whatever the item was didn't appear in Aylin's vision. "Actually, I can." With those final words, he punctured her mother's chest, removing her heart. 

Screaming at the sight, he walked passed her, tears in his eyes. 

Jolting awake, Aylin, again, found herself in the library. The sun was rising, casting an orange glow on the room. Pressing her forehead into her hands, she was unable to process what she just saw. None of the pieces were fitting together like she hoped. Instead, it was just becoming a larger jumbled mess.

A massive roar shook her to the core. "Uh oh," she said, knowing exactly who that was. 

Rushing out, loud voices were coming from near their bedroom. 

"Where the fuck is she?!" 

A wolf on his knees before the King, he was trembling in fear. "Y-your Majesty, I swear I didn't move from this spot." 

"Then how is she not where I left her?!" Every vein was popping through Ezekiel's skin. All his muscles taut. 

"Enough!" Aylin's voice rang out down the long corridor. 

All men snapped their heads towards it. A distinct look of relief came over the warrior on his knees. 

With the King's fists still clenched, Aylin was very careful about choosing her words. "Let him go. He did nothing wrong." 

Turning his attention to the others, "Leave us," he growled. 

Every wolf near them ran. 

Opening the door to their room, Ezekiel slammed it shut. "You have three seconds to tell me why you left this room when there is a demon out there who is trying to kill you." 

"Zeke, I...."

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