26) Natives

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I must have fallen asleep without realising, as it was Amy who shook me awake. "Reve, Reve" she sounded worried. I was instantly alert, thinking they'd found us. "Shhh!" she placed her finger against her lips. I looked around me, everyone else was asleep. Even Lucas had given in, and I smiled. He needed it.

It was then I heard voices. Gruff voices and the sound of machinery. I looked at Amy, her eyes wide. I approached the sound, to see fishermen going about their business of gutting fish and placing them on ice. It was a bit of a shock to see a human going about their daily business after all we'd endured. I was about to call out to them when Amy pulled me back.

"No Reve. We don't know how they'd react to us. Dressed as we are, they'll be suspicious, not to mention that they might be helping THEM out". She was right, I couldn't afford for us to be discovered yet. Not until we knew whether or not they could be trusted. But we'd have to move, it wouldn't be long before they came in the back and find us all.

I quietly headed back and began to wake everyone. I explained to Lucas what was happening as he awoke. We searched for a way out and found a side exit door. Lucas took his scouts and went out. coming back to let us know the way was clear. We all filed out quietly, keeping our bodies low to the ground, yet hurrying along. We came to a wooded area where we gratefully sat down.

"Well what now?" It was Elvira who spoke my mind out loud. Indeed 'what now'. We were out of that prison. But now we had a whole new set of problems. We had to find a safe place for us to re cooperate, but there was the added problem of blending in, and finding help to destroy the aliens. I was sure my mother was dead, Collins was gone forever and I wasn't sure who we could trust. I'd been shown that not all humans were reliable and were far more interested in looking out for themselves.

A hybrid I hadn't got to know really well approached us. "I've an idea, he said".

He introduced himself as Geoff. He explained he was brought up with a human family, and had previously known a band of humans who were fighting the aliens, until he was captured. "I was able to help them, they accepted me. We could go to them for help". It was definitely a start, and it was more than we had. I agreed, as he outlined to get there.

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