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Date: 29. 11. 2018

So a lot has happened in the past week and if I had to put them all in words, well, it would probably take a year to complete. 😂 Just kidding, if my life ever becomes that interesting, the world would end.

I've been working on bringing back my old collection of short stories, from way back in 2014 when nobody bothered using Wattpad, and I'm getting the feels just by looking at all my work from when I was fourteen. It reminded me of the writer that I was, what my mind normally would look like, if it wasn't damaged by work stress and homework. 🙂

On another note, I've planned some really good stuff for Abscond and I wish I could just snap my fingers and get them into words because, quite frankly, I was bursting with excitement when everything fell into place. I wasn't big on planning when I first started writing it but after all the listing and thinking I've done about the plot, I'm left wondering why I hadn't done it sooner. It certainly would have helped with my Writer's Block at most times.

On a different note, I turned eighteen two weeks ago and it's finally sunk in that I'm an actual "adult" now. No more kiddy meals and free rides—not that I got them as a teenager. 👀 It was my Golden Birthday, something I didn't even know existed until a week before my birthday. You learn something new every day. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Classes are officially over as of today. 🎉 Classes also unofficially start next week. 😂 #extraclasswillbethedeathofme

I've proof-read every chapter of Abscond and I can safely say that I've removed a lot of my errors. Hopefully I didn't miss out on anything or I'm jumping off a building. It took me three days to read through everything with my crazy schedule and I'm officially dead tired.

Anyways, I'm going to head to bed now to make sure I've got some energy left tomorrow to try and get started on the next chapter of Abscond because a promise is a promise. ❤️

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