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Hand in hand, Stiles and I run towards the end of the school hallway, where the doors were so we could help Scott and the others. "Stiles." I hear Claudia Stilinski, wait, she's still here? Stiles frowned and turned around at the sound of his Mums voice. "Stiles, is that you?"

"Mum?" Stiles asked, stepping forward and I quickly grabbed Stiles' hand, gripping it and he looked back at me.

"Stiles, that's not your Mum." I tell him softly.

I ended up following him as he dragged me down the hallway. "No, it is my Mum. I know her voice." Stiles explained to me.

"No, that's the Wild Hunt. They're tricking you." I plead, trying to get him to listen to me and not to the Wild Hunt. "Stiles, please believe me." Stiles and I stopped in the hallway. "The Wild Hunt brought her back but she's not real."

Stiles turned his head to me. "What do you mean, brought her back?"

"Stiles," Claudia says, walking down the hallway. She looks like Claudia, but she isn't Claudia. "I know what you've been through. I know how much you love your father." I let him go as he started to walk towards her, and I stayed put, my heart pounding. And then, the thunder crackles and the face of a Ghost Ryder appears on her face. "But I love him more." Cluadia steps forward. "Even from the hunt, you somehow wormed your way back into his memory."

"Yeah, worming is one of my skills." Stiles deadpanned, making me smirk. There are those sarcastic comments that I love to hear.

I stepped up near Stiles. "That thing is conjured from your dads' pain." I explain to Stiles. "If he remembers you, he can't believe in her."

"That's why you have to go," Claudia whispered. I then let out a scream but Claudia had caught my throat making my eyes widen, she was physically choking me. Stiles had pushed me out of the way and I gasped, and the Ghost Ryder had quickly put his hands around Stiles' throat. "You shouldn't treat your mother that way,"

"You're not my mother," Stiles choked out, I fall helplessly onto the wall, trying to heal my throat somehow. Claudia had pushed Stiles right back into the wall, grunting. In the distances, you can hear trains honking.

"He believes in me," Claudia continued choking Stiles. "Dreams, so hard to kill." I let out a gasp, trying to gagging.

"But not impossible," Mr. Stilinski had come around the corner and he had shot the Ghost Ryder.

"Noah. Your bullets can't hurt me." Claudia laughs. I then was finally normal enough to be able to breathe properly and I walked over to Mr. Stilinski who glanced over at me.

"Fire again," I tell him, sucking in a deep breath and letting out another loud scream, and Mr. Stilinski shot a bullet, which instantly went into the Ghost Ryder and was killed. Stiles was let go, obviously, panting and coughing.

That's when everything seemed like an Earth Quake and Mr. Stilinski had tucked me under his arm, protecting me. There was collect neighs from horses. I let out a whimper, wondering what on earth was happening.

"This is new," I murmur next to Stiles the next morning. I was wrapped around in Stiles' arm, I think I had the best sleep last night. Or, rather a nightmare. I think I had a dream where it started off with Stiles disappearing then eventually everyone disappeared and me and the pack had to save everyone before it became a Ghost town and I and Lydia were going to be the only ones left-

Wait, all of that did happen. "Do we have to go to school today?" Stiles mumbled agaisnt my skin, placing soft kisses on my back. I giggle slightly, loving the feeling of him giving kisses on my back.

I close my eyes, but then opened them, knowing what he was doing. "Stiles, we're basically finished school. Now, we go to Uni. That's insane." I whisper, kind of shock. "Everything's changed so fast."

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