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Next day

Louis’ POV

Ellen and I ditched school once again, we sit side ways in the bath, her long hair hanging out of the tub while our feet dangle over the platform, a now thin layer of bubbles cover us as we watch each other’s legs, I try and trap hers with mine but she moves them away, giggling, my right upper arm pressed to her left as her forearm curled around mine and her fingers tugged gently at the hair on my wrist.

“Will your mum get mad your always missing school?” she looks up at me, bubbles smeared up her cheek, I laugh before I reach up and wipe them off with my thumb, I shrug.

“She hasn’t said anything, and I’m sure the school notifies her when im away.” 

“She must think im a bad influence.” She says as she turns in the bath, her legs over me as I keep the position, her back pressed against the head of the bath, her hair now in the water as I tracing my fingers over her knee, under the foamy water.

“She doesn’t, she likes you. If anything she thinks I’m staying home then forcing you to do the same.” A smile of amusement pinches at her lips, the shallowest of dimples gracing her cheeks, the dimples I noticed only come out when she smiles a certain way, the sight causes me to smile back, her fingers taking a small bunch of her long hair, twirling it as she watches me.

“My mum likes you too.” I raise an eye brow, “she thinks you’re good for me.”

“She is very wrong, I make you skip school.” A toothy grin appears as she smiles and laughs.

“You are so right, I should let her know.” Her blue, green and orange mixed eyes sparkling, “And maybe I should confirm it with your mum too.” I put my legs back in the water, moving hers aside as I lean on my palms, either side of her thighs, my lips sucking lightly on her neck as she rests her head back on the edge of the bath, her fingers grasping my damp hair.

“Maybe your shouldn’t.” I growl before taking her ear lobe between my teeth and tugging lightly, I put all my weight on my left arm as I reach between us, spreading her legs so I can rest between them, her ankles crossing over my lower back as her wraps her legs around me waist.

“And if I do?” she asks and my lips stop moving on her neck, my hand moving back between our bodies and cupping her sex, when I meet her gaze again, her bottom lips is taken between her teeth.

“What do you think?” I ask and shove a finger inside her, moving it slowly as she whimpers quietly.

“So my punishment is sex or at the least getting pleasured by your fingers?” her hips rolling into my finger as I curl it up, lightly brushing the top wall inside her, “I think I’d enjoy that.” I smirk as I add another finger into her centre, her head falling back and her back arching into my touch, fingers slightly digging into my shoulders. Her insides are warm as my fingers pump in and out at a steady pace, not to fast but not slow, her eyes lightly closed as her lip it taken between her teeth, I kiss and suck her jaw, my teeth grazing the skin lightly, the moans coming from her lips casing me to harden, a small giggle sounds then I feel Ellen’s hand grip my erection, eyes now watching me as we both use our hands to pleasures one another.

“So naughty.” I growl she rolls her hips into my fingers, my eyes closed as she fists my length, slightly twisting the tip as she pumps in the same rhythm of my finger.

“I don’t want your fingers anymore.” She informs me and I smirk, knowing I was the cause of her becoming so sex addicted.

“What do you want then?” I ask and she thrusts her hips towards me, a small part of my length entering her, her sighs as she wraps her arms around my neck, burying her face in my neck, “Baby.” I moan as I start to move in her tight centre, my fingers now gripping her hips as I thrust myself into her warmth. Her hums of pleasure are felt against the skin where shoulder and neck meet, my arms feeling nub as I keep us from going under the water. As the water moves with our bodies, gravity takes affect and it swishes over the side and onto the floor, I thrust particularly hard into Ellen when her teeth graze the skin she had been lightly sucking on.

“Baby, im gonna cum.” She warns me, I was surprised with how quick it took her to reach her end, my thrusts picking up at the knowledge pushing myself to the end as well, her moans become louder and her fingers scratch at my skin, she grips the nape of my neck as she pulls away slightly and connects our lips, both our moans being swallowed by the other before she throws her head back, and arches her back, her walls getting tighter around me causing my abdomen to clench, I continue my assault, I feel her insides get slicker as she comes, I thrust a few more solid thrust before I still deep inside her, letting myself fill her, she pants as she holds onto my body, her hands spread across my back holding herself to me as much as she can, the feel of her breasts against my chest is welcoming as my chest rises and falls rapidly with hers. I gently lower her so her upper body is laying back in the water, as I pull out I tuck her wet hair behind her ear, her body not only wet from the water but from her sweat. I peck her lips as I sit back at the other end, no bubbles where left in the water and now our chests were visible above the lowered water line, showing the amount of water really lost during our interment time. “The waters cold.” She states as we observe one another, I nod in agreement before getting up and reaching for her hand, she looks up at me for a moment before taking it and letting me pull her into my body, my penis brushing her skin as her breast rubbed against my chest.

“Your towel.” I say as I hold open a fluffy towel which was previously folded and placed on the stool by the bath, she giggles softly before stepping towards me and letting me engulf her in the towel, a kiss was left below her ear before I pulled away and gripped a towel for myself, drying off a bit and wrapping it around my lower half, I grip the hair tie left on the vanity and pull Ellen’s hair back in a low pony tail, she thanks me before I wrap my arms around her waist and guide her down off the platform and into the wardrobe, gripping us both a pair of tracksuit pants and underwear, she slips her bra on fist before her panties, turning away from me as she steps into the pants, as I go to slip a shirt over my head her fingers stop me, a shy smile appearing on her face, also the shallow dimples as she takes it off me, slipping it on herself. I smirk and press a kiss to her lips, grabbing a different shirt and sliding it over my head, I take the towel from her and as she goes and sits on the bed I dry the floor and take the plug out of the bath so the water will drain.

“School tomorrow?” she asks and I smile before shaking my head, I crawl up the bed and lie beside her, my fingers slipping up to push her glasses further up her nose, her damp pony tail cascading over her shoulder as she lies on her back under the covers, watching me as I lie on my side, my head propped on my fist as I run my finger over the fading marks on her throat, a soft kiss is pressed to her lips before I lie my head on her stomach, looking up at her, she places a pillow under her head to look down at me, random convocations were sparked, playful touches and kisses stolen as we go into the late hours of the night.

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