Chapter 10

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Tzuyu's POV

I came out from the bathroom after I shower. I was in my boxers when I came out of the shower and to my surprise, Sana was sittng on my bed waiting for me.

'Shit...why is she here? I am in my boxers only...' I mentally cursed in my head

I tried to run back into the bathroom but I felt someone hugged me.

"Why?? You shy?? Hehe" Sana said as she hugged me from behind

"I'm only in my boxers at least let me wear my pants" I said as I tried to break free from her hug.

She let go off so that I can wear my shirt. I went to my closet to get a pants and shirt. After I put on my pants, I was about to put on my shirt when Sana hugged me again, preventing me from wearing my shirt.

"I rather seeing you shirtless. " Sana whispered in my ear.

My face flushed red after what Sana said. She dragged me to bed. And lean on my chest.

"I just want to cuddled. " Sana smiled as she buried her face on my chest.

Sana's POV

I was waiting for Tzuyu on his bed while he was in the bathroom..Well, if you're wandering how I got into his house. Well, he gave me his key a few days ago since he said I was his girlfriend and he trust me so I decided to give him a surprise.

'OHHHHHH...I wonder whats in that boxer..And HIS ABSSSS SO HOTTTT...OMGGG' I shouted in my head as I saw Tzuyu walk out of the bathroom only in his boxer.

When Tzuyu saw me, he was about to run back into the toilet when I ran there and hug him preventing him from going back into the bathroom.

"Why?? You shy?? Hehe" I said in a teasing tone as I continue to hug him from behind.

He wanted to wear his clothes so I let him go for him to wear his clothes. But when he was about to wear his shirt, I hugged him from the back again and said,

"I rather seeing you shirtless. " I whispered in his ear.

After that, I saw his face flush red because of my comment,

"SO CUTEE AND HOTTT " I shouted in my mind.

Later, I pulled him towards the bed and told him I wanted to cuddle.

Tzuyu's POV

Sana wanted to cuddle so I let her but although we were cuddling, she didn't touch my abs at all but I kept on seeing her eyeing it.

"You know this body is all yours right? You can touch it if you want. " I whisper in her ears

After what i said, I felt cold hands running up and down my abs.

"So firm and fit and....... hot " Sana said as she looked me in my eyes

We stared at each other for 5 minutes until Sana started leaning in towards my face. We connected our lips as Sana slowly climb on top of my body. Her hands were roaming about my body. Suddenly, I felt her hand at the waistband of my pants.

Then I broke the heated kiss. And pushed her hand away.

"Hey...What you doing?? Its too early. " I said to her and gave her another peck on her lips.

We cuddled for the whole afternoon, and Sana fell asleep so I decided to cook dinner as a surprise to her.

I put on my shirt and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Time skip

After I finish cooking dinner, I heard someone groan while walking down the stairs. And it was Sana.

"You cooked? Why didn't you wake me up?" Sana ask as she sat on my lap and hugged me.

"Because I wanted to surprise you. " I said and gave up my dimple smile.

She poked my dimple and went to the opposite side of the table.

"Wowww.....I didn't know you know how to cook. Its delicious.." Sana said while stuffing her mouth with food.

"Hey..hey..Slow down." I said as I gave up a smile

Time skip

After dinner, we watch a movie together and continue cuddling.

"Do you know how lucky I am to have you as my girlfriend?" I asked her as I stared ar the ceiling

"Do you know how lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend?" Sana asked me back

"Very" We answered in unison to our own question.

"I love you" We said in unison again.

We giggled a little and after a few minutes, we drifted to sleep.

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