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Hi all! This story will take place in the seventh season of SOA, but the ties with the show will be very loose. At least half of the story will take place in the past, when Juice and June are in high school. Since I don't live in the USA and our school systems are quite different from those, I might make some mistakes despite the research I'm doing, but explaining things or giving suggestions for major events will always be helpful. :) 

I'm very excited about writing a story about teenage Juice, the ideas are already popping up and I hope you'll like it <3  I don't  have to tell you how much we writers appreciate votes and comments, so please speak up your minds. (:

Also, English isn't my native language. I'm doing the best I can, but I think you will always notice. TammLynn from FanfictionNet is editing this work but I lack the patience to wait until she's done editing, so I will tell you at the beginning of every chapter if it's already edited!

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