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Next day

Ellen’s POV

“Don’t touch me!” I spit as I reach the car park at the school, John gripping my hand.

“Or what.” He asked and my jaw tensed.

“You don’t want to know.”

“No, baby, I do.” He watches me, “I really want to know.” Before I can’t think my fist has connected to his nose, and I feel the sting from where his teeth have made contact with the skin on my fingers. His on the ground, one hand gripping the dripping skin as he leans on his elbow, “Stay away from me you creep.” I kick him in the stomach before walking the short distance to my car; I get in and start it instantly, as I pull out of the parking space John is only just getting to his feet, his arm over his stomach as his other hand is holding his bleeding nose. I get back to the apartment and make my way upstairs Louis is home and it shocks me when I see him sitting on the lounge.

“Are you okay?” he asks as I turn the tape in the kitchen on, running my bloody hand under the running water, “Babe.” I jump slightly when his hand grips my shoulder.

“Yes, yes, im fine.” I gush but I know the subject isn’t dropped.

“What did you do to your hand?” he asked as he observes it, I turn the tape of and grab a tea towel, gently drying it to find to small cuts along with an older one from the first time I punched him.

“Nothing, im fine.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Who was on the phone yesterday?” I don’t know why im bringing this up, maybe because his confronting my when he left me hanging after I asked for information yesterday.

“That hasn’t got anything to do with this”

“You’re saying im lying when I tell you nothing, well I think you were lying when you said that no one was on the phone yesterday.”

“Ellen, what the fuck happen to your hand!” he demands raising his voice.

“Well while we are confronting people, why are you not at school?” I ask looking up at him, the tea towel left forgotten on the bench, “Hum?”

“It doesn’t matter; now tell me about your hand!” I grip my keys from the bench and start walking towards the door but realise something and turn back.

“I don’t know why im always the one walking out, this is my apartment.” His about to reply but I slam the door when I look up I see Liam and Harry standing by Liam’s door looking at me, I mumble a hi as I take the stairs down, I don’t know where im going to go, I guess I could just walk somewhere before going back to the apartment, I look down at my hand as I walk along, the small cuts already scabbing over, I sigh and push my hands into my pocket, holding my keys in a fist and my phone in my other hand as I walk along. I finally stop, sitting on a short bench, I knew there would been missed calls and texts from Louis, I could feel my phone vibrating a lot while I held it in my pocket, the bench is cold as I lean back on it, my phone taken from my pocket as I cheek that my suspicions were correct, Louis had called me numerous times and left a few texts telling me to come back to the apartment. I had been walking for an hours; I close my eyes a minute knowing I wasn’t too far from the building because I had walked in circles, I get back up and head back towards the building getting there in about fifteen minutes, I take the elevator up to the top floor and get to the door, pushing the keys in and opening the door quietly, the apartment is dark, I flip the lights on and am greeted my Sassy rubbing against me, Louis must not be here, I throw my keys on the bench and make my way towards the opening of the bedroom, Louis isn’t in there, I get changed from my clothes and take my contacts out, slipping my glasses up my nose as I go to see what I have in the fridge and cupboard for dinner, I settle on a smallish stick of cucumber, cutting both the ends off and making my way towards the lounge where both the cats are lying, I turn the TV on and eat the cucumber while watching the news. Three hours past and Louis was still not back, I debated with  myself to call him, I wonder if he is out looking for me of out having a drink with the boys, I decide against it and get up turning the TV off, gripping both the cats under each arm and making way into the bedroom, placing them on the bed and going up to the bathroom platform to brush my teeth, when I go back down to the bed, I push Sassy closer to bandit, who lies more on Louis’ side, placing my glasses on the bedside table and pulling the blanket over my body, falling asleep shortly after.

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