Chapter Three

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A giant oaf came and stopped her. Good thing he did, or else she would have died from shock. Well, she might have been half-blood, or a Mudblood, so she would not have been a terrible loss and no one would have missed her.

"What's the matter?" asked the giant oaf.

"Her!!" the shopkeeper yelled, pointing directly at me.

Everyone stared at me, including Potter.

"What are you staring at?" I shouted to the room.

I spat across the room at where the shopkeeper's feet were.

"The daughter of He Who Must Not Be Named."

Again, everyone stared, then gasped and backed off cautiously, as if I was about to commit the wonderfully powerful and brave acts my father did. I just glared around the room, and said "Just call him Lord Voldemort. Wimps."

"Blimey Harry, you gotta stay away from them," I heard the oaf whisper to Potter.

I walked off through the shocked crowd with Draco. But I did not need to push through, everyone just parted for me. It felt brilliant, like I was royalty. Then I saw Uncle Lucius over the top of some squat wizards playing Exploding Snap.

"What's all this fuss about?" He spoke over the divided crowd.

"They just found out who I was."

"I see. Well, let's go get your owls. I'll let you get the most expensive one there."

At the Magical Menagerie, pedestrians still stopped, stared and backed away. Man, the news spread like wildfire. But it felt great with all this power and control I had. No wonder Father bathed in power, everyone does want you want. I pick out an onyx-coloured owl, and she flys onto my arm. Wow, I have power over animals as well. When I reach the counter, the shopkeeper, who has a name badge with the name Rueben Wildflower on it, appears to be too scared serve me, so he brushes my hands off the counter and tells me to take it for free. Then, I have an idea.

"Draco, pass me your owl." I demand to him. He hands me his tawny brown owl and I put it on the mahogany counter.

"Have it for free," mutters the shopkeeper.

I smile at an open-mouthed Draco and silently leave the shop.

"And that's how you get your own way. We're ready Uncle Lucius!"

"Okay, tomorrow, we'll head to Kings Cross Station, so you can get to Hogwarts."


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