He pulled me into his arms, looking so dashing. Our minds uniting, left no need for spoken words as he twirled me around the dance floor, listening in on each other's thoughts. He was so proud of all that I had accomplished. It meant a safer Mystery Spell for us all; for me, for Lorie and for the baby still growing within me. He was relieved that I was safe and grateful to his brother for saving me; just as he was grateful to me for saving Drogo. His mind pondered our future together as a family. If we could kill Victor, so much was going to change. I wanted nothing more than to set them free; to be free of Viktor myself. Nicolae spun me around and held me from the back, dancing with me that way for a moment, before he spun me back around to take me into his arms again.

I needed him. So much. I realized in that moment, in his arms, that I no longer wanted to bear things alone. I used to be all alone and had no choice but to bear them alone; my only dream was of being free and being by myself, so I couldn't be used anymore. Now I had him. I had them all. They were there to help shoulder my burdens, to love me. My only dream now was to be with them forever; our love never ending. I would always want Nicolae with me, hearing my intimate thoughts, going through eternity together this way. No more secrets. Being known so completely was such a thing of beauty. How I had feared it in the beginning; refusing to let him in at all. I wanted my white knight there with me, saving me. I would always have need of him now and forever.

Nicolae's smile at my thoughts was so beautiful, it stole my breath, my eyes transfixed on his face. I love you, Nicky. His heartfelt laughter and joy threw his head back as we danced, coming back up to look at me with deep affection and amusement. His thoughts wandered to asking, How did we get so lucky, having you stumble through our door? It was my turn to laugh in enjoyment. You can blame your misbehaved brother and the string of nannies going through this house. He laughed, smiling that beautiful smile as we twirled along, thinking, I suppose we wont be needing one of those anymore, will we? I smirked at him. I'm sure the four of us can handle it. He laughed his pure enjoyment again. The song was coming to a close, so he pulled me close and kissed my lips. I love you, my darling beautiful Sasha.

I put a hand on his cheek, soaking up the love I could see in his beautiful blue eyes. "Do I get to steal you away for a dance, Angel of Death?" I turned to smile broadly at Sebastian walking up to us. He took my hand and twirled me away for the next song. "You look so dashing, Seb," I winked at him. He smiled at me, his golden eyes amused. "You still need some help with your preparations for Viktor?" "Yes, we can start tomorrow first thing but for tonight I'm not going to spare him another thought. He's been updated and there is no reason to waste time on him." He smirked at me. "I love you, Sash. You're stuck with me now, you know." I laughed in pure delight. "I love you too, Seb. You did promise that yesterday, and I'm glad. I'll always need my best friend and partner in crime around. No telling what trouble I plan on getting into in the future. Those brothers won't let me get away with anything irresponsible after this!" I had him almost in hysterics as we twirled along.

Our song came to a close and I walked off the dance floor on his arm, smiling and chatting. I felt Drogo's presence and I reached for him, even though I was still looking at Sebastian and talking. Drogo's fingers intertwined with mine. I released Sebastian and turned, my eyes taking in the Osbornes walking up to us. My eyes darted to Sarah for a moment and then back to her Grandmother, who was in the lead. I could feel her mind and I knew why she had come to me even before she spoke; just the same I waited for her. "We expect you to make good on your promised price, Sasha," she said to me. She was a powerful woman that was used to getting what she wanted; she wanted to threaten me but her respect and knowledge of me had her thinking better of it. "There is nothing I want more, you can be sure of it," I answered her with a serious tone. "His head will be delivered to your door in a fortnight; that or I won't be alive for you to seek vengeance on anyways," I said, meeting her eye. She gave me a smile, knowing my words were true. It was either Viktor or me; neither of us could live while the other existed any more.

"Excuse me," I said to her, curtsying. I turned and walked to the dance floor to be swept away by the music and Drogo's arms once again. After our song was finished, I planted a sweet kiss on his lips whispering, "Find me for the last dance." He smirked at me, releasing me. My head turned and I walked slowly over to where the musicians were, smiling at them. I walked up to Peter who was seated at his piano, playing the next song. I leaned against his piano, watching him play, when I looked down and my eyes caught the tiniest flash of red there. I stared and saw my single droplet of blood, dried on the keys, that had been made during our love making. My eyes turned up to meet his beautiful green ones that delved back into mine, as he continued to play. He knew that I had seen it. I noticed how when his fingers moved over his keys, he was careful not to disturb it, keeping a piece of me there. It was such a simple but meaningful profession of love that my lips parted, as I gazed transfixed into his eyes.

Peter. He smiled at me in his tender, loving way. I don't call you my muse for nothing, Sasha. I blushed as I smiled at him. He smiled back. He turned back to his piano to finish the song. Once it was over, he stood and took my hand, bringing it to his lips. "I have a surprise for you, Sweetness," he whispered at me. I could hear it in his mind now and gave a delighted laugh as he led me out on the floor. He guided me around, gently stepping up to take me into his arms. The musicians were all quiet, as the Pied Piper brought his violin up to his shoulder, raising his bow to rest it there for a moment of silence, before he started playing the most hauntingly beautiful melody. Peter spun me around and started moving us to the hypnotic symphony he had composed for me, as the other musicians slowly joined in on their parts. I was under a spell; Peter's composition being magically spun by the Pied Piper was incomparable. I knew that if Peter had played with them, I could have been lost forever, but he had wanted to dance with me to it.

I looked into Peter's eyes as we danced and I could see his heart, but as the melody wove around us I could hear it at the same time. Nothing was hidden from me and, as I had promised him so long ago, I hid nothing from him our moment. I let him see it in my eyes, my smile, and hear it in his mind. How I embraced every note professing his love, cherished them; how I cherished and loved him, just as he did me. I loved being in his arms, letting him lead me confidently to his own music. The Angel of Death being led by her Dark Angel. He had been the first to touch my heart and I would never be whole without him. His tender touch had brought me to life and I couldn't live without him now. He and his brothers we a part of me now. "I love you so much, Peter. My dark angel," I whispered, our faces turned towards one another, resting close. "I will always love you, Sweetness," he whispered back.

Peter slowly twirled me around and back to him. He released me and his tender hands framed my jaw, as we stood still in the middle of the dance floor, the final note being struck just as his lips met mine. He smiled at me and bent down to kiss me once more, before leading me off the floor with him. He released me, to sit down at his piano and looked up at me. Thank you, Sasha, for calling the Pied Piper. It has been so amazing to have the privilege of playing with him. I'll never forget it. It was such an honor to have him play my composition too. I smiled kindly at him. My eyes turned to the Pied Piper, when he gently set his violin down on Peter's piano and reached for me. I smiled at him as he held my hand up and kissed it. He turned to Peter saying, "Peter, would you do me the honor of playing something that I can dance with your Bride to?" Peter's eyes sparkled and his fingers went to the keys.

The Pied Piper led me out onto the floor and pulled me into his arms. "Thank you, for coming," I said to him, as we danced to Peter's piano. "You can call me anytime. I rather enjoy playing with Peter," he smiled back at me. When our song was over, he returned to play his violin for the remainder of the night. I looked up to see Drogo coming to claim the last dance of the night. He pulled me out onto the floor and twirled me, smiling. He leaned in close as we danced and whispered, "I'm not letting you go for the rest of the night, Little Thing." "Good." He smiled. When it was finished, goodbyes were said as he held my hand. Once everyone had departed, he led me into the manor, up the stairs and down the hall to his room. Viktor was still looming over us, but for this moment, I would think of only Drogo. My mind knew a turning point was coming, as Drogo led me into his room. It had come down to these last two weeks together. It was Viktor or us. It was Viktor or me. It was Viktor or them. It was time to free my beautiful brothers, forever. But first, I would savor them, soaking up the time we had left.

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