Chapter 77

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I slipped my hand into Lucas' and gazed into his dark eyes as he pulled me close. The music started and his hand came to my back, as we started to waltz to the music rolling out over the dance floor. I held his gaze as we danced, so much passing between us; the strong bond we shared growing only stronger. He was the Alpha of his pack now and he still considered me an honorary member; I was pack even if I was a vampire. Our eyes broke as he slowly raised his hand to twirl me around, before bringing me back into him. Our dark eyes met again. I'm sorry I couldn't save him, Lucas. His eyes turned softer and he pulled me a little closer thinking, I miss him too, Sash. We'll never forget him. Our eyes were trained on one another for the rest of the dance, except for when he would spin me around and bring me back to him. When our song ended, he bowed over my hand, brushing his lips on the back of it. I smiled and stepped into him to hug him close, as the rest of the wolves clapped, whistled and some even cheered or howled.

My eyes searched the crowd and landed on my three brothers, all dashing in their formal wear. I watched Peter as he walked over to the piano by the rest of the musicians. My eyes met Drogo's as he slowly walked up to me and took me into his arms, as other couples walked out onto the floor. Drogo held me close as the music started, and I felt a great sense of relief being back in his arms. It had been too close; far too close for any measure of comfort in my heart. I had almost had to live an eternity without him. We weren't free yet, Viktor still loomed, but I knew that whatever we faced we would face it together; all four of us. Drogo pulled me close, his lips going to my ear, whispering too quiet for anyone else, "If you keep looking at me like that, Little Thing, you're going to miss the rest of the party because I'm going to carry you off to my room." My responding smile was pure delight, as I whispered back, "I'm counting on that afterwards." His quiet groan in response made me smile again.

Nothing could possibly prevent me from spending the entire night in his arms, after the ball was over. I couldn't stop the lingering gaze of my eyes on his handsome face. The images of his eyes beginning to dull and drift close would haunt me forever. My adoration was so raw and intense, that for once he had no retort; he just returned my look, leading us to the music. While I was in his arms, there was no one else. I saw no one, heard no one, my mind focused on him; only him.  There was still so much to do, to be taken care of in the next two weeks but for now, I let it all slip from my mind as we danced. I was so in love with him, with each one of the brothers, that I could never have thought it possible to hold so much love inside of myself, before coming here. They had taught me how to love and now it almost seemed unending.

The magic of the Pied Piper's violin flowed out over the dance floor, to unite with Peter's beautiful rendition of the piece, creating an absolutely hypnotic atmosphere; none were left untouched by the spell they were weaving together. I could hear Peter's thrilled delight to have the chance to play with him. I had called him last night, pulling out the card he had given me at 'The Den.' "To what do I owe the honor, Angel of Death?" I had laughed and answered, "I was hoping you would be willing to come and play for us tomorrow night. We need to honor some lives sacrificed to give us victory over the Templars. Are you free?" "For you? Anytime." And so he stood close to Peter's piano, playing his bewitching violin, the other musicians joining in to create a true symphony.

Our song was coming to a close, so Drogo pulled me close and slowly he dipped me, bending his lips to capture mine. He stood us up and gave me another kiss as the crowds clapped their appreciation to the musicians. I brushed his blonde hair out of his face, looking at him with love. "Don't go far. There are a few more dances I need to get in with others but I want you near me. I love you, Drogo." "I love you, too. I'll always be with you now, Little Thing," he whispered back, brushing his lips along the outside of my ear, sending shivers down my whole body. He smirked at me and walked me over to Nicolae. Nicolae bent to sweetly sample my lips as he took my hand and led me back out onto the dance floor. His mind was reveling in the image of me in my black gown, their ring glittering on my finger, looking like a beautiful vampire bride.

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