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Ellen’s POV

I giggle as Louis kisses and sucks the skin of my neck, his body hovering above mine; lips trailing to my mouth were we shared a playful kiss, his hips grinding into mine, his erection covered by his briefs rubbing against my underwear covered core, a moan escaped my lips as I feel his hands grip my hips and we flipped so I was on top, a squeal leaving my lips in surprise as I giggled again, kissing his lips, his finger trailing up my back and unclipping my bra, letting it fall from my chest and down my arms were he grippe it, tossing it to the side. My body was wrapped in his arms as our chests pressed together, a hum of appreciation leaving is lips as we kissed, I grind my core into his erection, moving down the bed and slipping the black fabric from his body on the way, he reaches to the bed side table as I stand at the send of the bed, the condom is rolled down his erection as I step out of my panties and crawl back to his level.

His muscled torso rose from the mattress, the hardness of his chest pressed to the contrasting softness of mine, Louis’ nose nudging against my check as I sit astride his lap, his arms wrapped around my middle as he aided in guiding my hips up, my hand grasping hold of his hardened length and positioning it for me to slide down. I groan in frustration, my left hand finding support on his waist as I failed to connect us fully, my eyebrows frowned and my eyes narrowed in concentration which Louis found a little amusing, words of support were spoken in hushed tones, lips stippling kisses to my shoulder. When Louis’ hand came to rest over mine, I found myself thankful for his patient guidance; small adjustments were made in our positions before his swollen tip gently pushed partly in, “Slowly.” Louis whispered.

I sank down according to Louis’ instruction, whimpering at the fullness I felt as I impaled myself on his thick shaft, his lazy smile spread in content, a kiss was left to my parted lips almost as a sign of his imminent departure from our cuddle to lie back on the bed, I placed my palms on his chest to alter my position forward, it provided me with leverage to roll my hips as I rested my weight onto his body, Louis’ happy aura was contagious, fingers running freely up and down my sides, the bending of Louis’ knees brought me to hover over him, lips pink and swollen.

“Hi.” He breathlessly smiled.

“Hey.” I laughed, our small exchange left me distracted, Louis disappointingly slipping from me, my hand skimmed his toned stomach to take hold of him again, I felt annoyed that this was still happening, it’s not like it’s the first time I have ridden him, but soon he was settled back in me. Kisses weren’t spared in showering over the heated skin of my lover, my movement was irregular, lacking fluency in my hips, the responsibility of setting the pace was an alien idea, having relied on Louis most the time.

“Stop thinking about it.” Louis’ hands came to rest on my waist. “Find your rhythm, Baby.” His palms slid down to my hips, cheekily cupping my backside and under my thighs, I allowed him to guide me in rocking back and forth, settling on a steady pace, my tight walls caressed Louis’ length as what felt like every inch moved within me.

“You like that?” He questioned, his smile was laced with pleasure, intently witnessing the seductive roll of my body, something that felt abnormal to me. I had never thought of myself as being sexy, it was a characteristic quite remote from my usual clumsy behaviour, but as Louis lifted his hips to meet mine I instantly reacted by arching back and tilting my chin to the ceiling; the process pushing my chest out as I leant back on his thighs. “Fuck, you’re so hot.” He groaned, I squeezed at his legs whilst biting my lip in a failed attempt to supress the string of sensual moans, we continued to move against one another, eventually coming to linger over Louis once more, our kiss was heated with the tug of my bottom lip. My laugh emitted in broken air as his fingers playfully dug into my sides, only to cry out seconds later, I retaliated to the heavy thrust by digging my nails into Louis’ glistening chest whilst grinding down with my hips. “Stop, stop Ellen.” He pleaded.

I ignored him, only concentrating on forcing him to reach his high, our breathing was heavy at a loss for breath, Louis’ larger hands caught hold of my hips in an attempt to control the situation but it was too late. I whimpered at the feeling of Louis releasing into the condom, pressing my palms flat to his chest as my hair flowed down around me, it was hot and fast, his eyes were clamped closed, desperately trying to prevent the moans falling from his mouth, his swollen bottom lip was taken roughly between his teeth, sure to leave some kind of reminder of his still engulfing orgasm, and my only thought at that time was how much I wanted to kiss it better. Louis was still buried deep within me, the deep blue of his pretty eyes soon came to flutter open, but he appeared less than happy, a frown descending, he caught hold of my wrists when I attempted to shift from him. “Louis.”

 “No.” He growled, in the blink of an eye I was trapped beneath him, he had both my wrists pinned above my head with one hand, Louis’ name shaped on my lips but I couldn’t speak it, his thrusts were sharp, forcing the air from my lungs as his index and middle finger drew quick circles onto my clitoris.  “Come on.” Louis roughly growled. “Come on, let go.” The knotting in my stomach was tightening with the determined pace and deliberate touches; Louis then witnessed something only his eyes had ever seen as I screamed his name.

“Why did you tell me to stop?” I asked after a while, my fingers continued to trace over the lines on his stomach as we lay together.

“I’m a firm believer in ladies first.” His voice emphasised the word “firm”, squeezing my hips, I giggled, nestling deeper into his side as he tugged the covers over our heads, my arm rested over his waist.

“Well, Mr Tomlinson, your chivalry precedes you.” I teased. “But I like watching you come.” I spoke quietly, avoiding his playful gaze.

“Oh yeah.”

“Your eyes screw up and you bite your lip.” I told him whilst running my thumb over his swollen bottom lip.

“Well, I like it when you scream my name.” I was about to tell him to shut up when a ringtone I recognised as Louis’ sounded. The sheet was lowered from over our heads and became tightly wrapped around me as my warmth climbed from bed. He hastily tugged up the briefs left on the floor before taking his phone from the back bedside table; I curiously examined his reaction to the caller, cancelling the line before turning to me.

“Who was that?” he looked up from the phone as if remembering I was present, his head shook as he placed the phone back down and crawled back into bed.

“No one.” A frown mad its way onto my forehead and he kissed it softly, “Don’t frown, it will give you wrinkles.” He says and my face relaxes, I look up at him as he stairs ahead, I decide no to push the subject, he must have a reason not to tell me, right?

“We need to work on that.” I admit catching his attention and he looks down at me.

“Work on what?”

“My riding you, you still always slip out.” a smile plays on his lips as he rolls on his side, part of his body on mine as he roughly kisses my lips, my fingers tangling in his hair as im trapped beneath his body.

“It would be my please to work on that with you.” I take my bottom lip between my teeth as I look up at him; a soft kiss is pressed to my lips again.

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