Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Before I had dropped off everyone at their own homes, we made plans to have a sleepover this coming weekend at my place. 

Tomorrow I was still not going to school. I was awaiting until my mother said so. 

It's been a while since I last time saw Kade as well...though it ended in such a disaster. Maybe I was over exaggerating everything and shouldn't have ran out like I did. Maybe if I hadn't gone out with him at all I wouldn't be in this situation.

I felt like I needed closure by talking once more to Kade. Though when I thought about him my mind kept going back to Nathan. I felt as if I was betraying him. 

Nathan texted me later that night wishing me a good night. Which was weird since I'm the one that' supposed to make him fall for me not the other way around.

So here I was, turning from side to side. I wanted to wish Nathan a good night as well but then I thought about Kade as well. Was I starting to have feelings for Nathan? 

I didn't really want to...

I closed my eyes, remembering a while ago when I was with my friends. I missed those goofs. Maybe I'll try and convince my parents to please let me go back to school again soon.

Out of all of my years in high school, I can't believe I was actually hanging out a lot with Nathan. He was the type of guy that would always be with a different girl every week. You would think that there wasn't many girls at our school but my gosh there was a lot. 

I can't lie that he's becoming a good friend of mine. I don't even want to think about the dare anymore. I don't want to hurt his feelings. What if he finds out? He'll surely not talk to me anymore.

Ugh! I hate it that my mind has to wonder to all these things. I'm too young to be thinking about these things right?

First thing tomorrow I have to tell the girls that I really can't do the dare. I know I said a dare was a dare but there's a person's feelings at stake. I'm not even sure I can accomplish such a thing.

I tried not to think of it and somehow managed to fall asleep.

The first thing I did when I woke up was go and have a talk with my parents. I was being serious about talking to them about going back to school. As much as I love not going to school I miss my friends and the commotion of all the people. 

I walked to the kitchen where my mom was making breakfast for my dad and I cleared my throat.

"Good morning" I said.

My mom didn't even turn around and kept cooking, my dad on the other hand looked up from the newspaper he was reading and eyed me carefully.

"What can we do for you dear?" my dad said.

"Adrielle, dear would you like breakfast too?" my mom asked.

"No thanks mom and well what I want to tell you both is that i'm going back to school" I decided to show some determination so they could know that I was being 100% serious.

My dad was the first to talk, "Now Adrielle, we both know what happened back there so because of that you can't."

"Okay but I said I wouldn't skip. Besides, it's just anxiety attacks I get, what teen now a days doesn't" I argued. 

My mom served my dad's breakfast and stood in front of me and took a hold of one of my hands.

"Listen sweetie," my mom said, "The thing can't be under stress. Your father and I don't want that to happen again so that's why we can't let you go back to school. Understand?"

I was shocked. "SERIOUSLY?! JUST BECAUSE OF THAT?! Oh come on! you know i can overcome that. Only if you guys let me prove it to you that I can!"

"Calm down Adrielle, this applies to you getting all worked up too" my mom cooed.

"Well if you want me to calm down then send me back to school!" I argued.

My parents looked at each other and finally what seemed for eternity my dad sighed and nodded his head.

I didn't want to seem so eager about it and decided that as soon as I was alone in my room there would be a celebration dance. I needed to take out on it in some way.

"Thank you, now if you excuse me i'll get ready for school" and right when i was about to leave my dad stopped me.

"Oh no young lady, you won't start until tomorrow. I have to let the school know and Dr. Marshall to have the paperwork done ready so you can be excused. 

I sighed but hey it was better than nothing. Though I left to my room to let my friends know the good news.

Group Chat:

Me: Guess who's going back to school bitchessssssss

June: omg! I can't believe they are letting you come back to school!

Leah: finally bitch! lol 

Rachel: About time addy! 

Kate: yeah we missed you too much hoe lmao

I smiled at their responses. I was going to text Nathan that I was going back to school but I stopped myself.

What would he think? He would probably think I like him. I first want to get everything sorted out about me seducing him. 

For the rest of the day I enjoyed my last day of Netflix and chill. All my assignments and homework were done and I felt pretty confident about going to school tomorrow.

Nathan did end up texting me though I didn't reply. I kept leaving him on read when he decided to call me. I on the other hand panicked and shut my phone off for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow Nathan. I'll see you tomorrow.





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