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Four days later

Ellen’s POV

I sit in my second class for the day, a few people arguing about a book we had been assigned, I handed read it, as last week I took most days off.

“She didn’t cheat, they had never even been on a date.” A girl states, the lecturer leaning against his desk as he listens.

“Yes but she had no right to lead the guy on and have him find out she was now with another guy.” The guys states, “She had no right to say no to one person and date another without giving the one first in line a fair go.”

“That is a fair point, Mr. Damien.” Our lecturer cuts in, “But a woman has every right to deny one for another, so do we men.”

“But she refused to date him just to go and start a relationship with a fag.” My breath hitches im my throat as I hear the words fall from his mouth, his voice the same as the male in the alley, I close my book and slide it from the small desk in front of me, pushing it in my bag along with my pen and standing from my table going towards the exit, I take a glimpse at John, the man who had been debating whether the woman in the story should have denied a simple date, the smirk on his lips makes my blood go cold as he watches me. I remember now. About a month after I arrived John asked me out, when I refused he continued and continued to push the subject, I make it to my car and drop in, tears in my eyes as I can finally take a full breath, my attacker was someone I saw on a regular basis, I can’t believe it is him, I would never have though, he was so nice, so nerdy. I pull out of the schools car park and head back to the apartment, I get ready for work and leave again, the pub isn’t too busy but then again its only two thirty, I had a seven and a half hour shift which means I finish at ten.

A hand grips my forearm as I wipe down a now unoccupied table, I turn my head to see John, pulling my hand away I clasp it to my chest. “Don’t, touch me.” I speak though grit teeth, a smirk on his lips.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asks, stepping towards me, I step to my left so im not trapped between him and the table.

“Leave, now!” a laugh falls from his smiling lips.

“Don’t be like that baby.”

“Don’t call me baby.” he goes to grip my hand but I step away again, “Leave!”

“Or what?” amusement drips from the words.

“You don’t want to know the ‘or what’.”

“Gonna get your little boyfriend to kick my arse?” he asks as he tucks a peace of hair behind my ear, “Gonna get your fag and his friends to come after me?” his thumb caresses my cheek, I feel like im gonna be sick, I smack his hand away.

“Don’t fucking touch me, you filthy arsehole.”

“You can’t think of anything better?”

“No, you’re not worth my time.” I walk towards the bar, cheeking the time quickly, only fifteen minutes.

“Make me a drink.” He says as he takes a seat on the other side of the bench, I swallow hard.

“What do you want?”

“Surprise me.” I give him a look of disgust as I turn, gripping a few different bottles as I tip them into a glass, the liquid turning a light blue, I drop a slice of lemon in and a straw before placing it on the bench.

“Thirteen fifty.” I say and he places a twenty on the bench.

“Keep the change.” He winks I turn and grip his change tossing it on the bench and walking down the bar to another costumer.

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