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This is the first book of the Trust series, 

The reason why this has suddenly sprung up is that I decided at the last minute to Join NANOWRIMO (Like a day before the 1st of November) I did not decide to make it part of a series until I looked at my other book: Broken trust.

I have decided that... It will be the second book in the Trust series... whenever I actually stop procrastinating (but I will have to end up changing a lot, due to what I have written about in Lost Hope.)


All characters and settings were made up entirely by my OWN (Surprisingly) 

If anything or anyone that I have made is anything like something in real life, I apologise. 

And I have not read ANY books like this so if I have written something that sounds similar to any book you have read, please let me know so I can fix the problems!

Please don't forget to...




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