Happy Cakes Bakery and More

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forewarning: this chapter is the equivalent of garbage but i swear the following chapters get better

"What's up, Buttercup?" Meadow sings as she enters Happy Cakes Bakery and More with Jenna.

"You know, I do recall us discussing that we no longer call me Buttercup," I say with a roll of the eyes. Meadow had a nickname for everyone in high school. Jenna's being Sugar and mine being Buttercup.

"No you talked, I listened. Right, Sugar?" She looked towards Jenna.

"Well...no. You agreed to never refer to us as 'Sugar' or 'Buttercup'" Jenna recalls stealing a cupcake from counter.

"Sorry, Meadow, you my friend have been defeated," I say with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Anyway, you said you got off work at six tonight? It's half past six and you're still behind that counter in that pink apron. We have a party to get to remember?" Meadow states.

Change the subject much

"Right," I breathe, "Sorry I got caught up in work and forgot." I gave a convincing smile to pull the lie together, but honestly I didn't want to go to the party what so ever. A whole bunch of drunk idiots who just want to get in some bodies pants no matter who they were or what they looked like? Not exactly my kind of scene thank you very much. "I'll just grab my stuff and then we can head over."

"You're not wearing that are you?" Jenna asks

"I was planning on it. Why what's wrong with it?"

"Well for starters it's very dull, has nothing to it. You look very...need I say uptight? Come on we'll stop by my place and get you all dolled up for tonight! It'll be fun!" Meadow exclaims

Reluctantly I agree knowing there was no way that either of them were going to allow me go to the party with black skinny jeans and my skull printed top.

* * * * *

"So what exactly do you mean when you say 'dolled up'" I question looking through Meadow's jewellery.

"Um..." Jenna starts," leather studs, whatever the hell Meadow pulls out of that mess she calls a closet."

"It's a work in progress!" Meadow shouts from the closet throwing things both on the floor and at me,"and a shirt now all you need is a shirt."

"Good I prefer not to show up with just a bra on the top half of my body," I laugh catching the shirt she recently chucked towards me before it hit the floor.

"Go shoo shoo change we don't need to be late!" Jenna says waving me out the door.

I walk out the door and towards the bathroom. I slip off my pants and shirt and replace them with the black leather skater skirt and red crop top that zips in the front. "Not my style. To go along with a scene that also isn't mine..." I sigh to my self. I flatten the skirt with each step I take towards the room with Jenna and Meadow in it.

"Damn do you look good!" Jenna exclaims as I walk in the room," here you're gonna want to be wearing shoes." She hands be the black pumps and gestures me to sit down after I put them on.

"So what else are you two doing to me?" I question.

"Makeup!" Meadow says a bit too loud for my liking,"close your eyes now." She adds a light layer of foundation to my skin and continues adding all kinds of makeup instructing me when to open and when to close my eyes. You would think she's a professional the way her hands move. "And one last touch...there!" I flutter my now long lashes up and look up into the mirror. Skin that's perfect, a black smokey eye with hints of red, perfectly done liquid liner and regular liner, long luxurious lashes, and bold magenta lips to add a pop of color. Whoever was looking back at me was definitely not Merideth Skies.

"Wow..." I say the breathless.

"Right!" Jenna exclaims as she adds black stud bracelets to my right and left arm,"the magenta really brings out your eyes my god..."

I will never accept the fact that the girl in the mirror, was in fact, me.

"Now come on let's go! We can't be late come on come on come on!" Jenna says rushing out the door with Meadow not to far behind. I take one last glimpse in the mirror and follow them out the door.

* * * * *

"You've got to be kidding me..." I say standing in front of the large beach house.

"I am, I dragged you out here just to show you the beach house I'm renting for the summer," Meadow states, "No I'm not kidding! I wouldn't make us even later than we already are!"

I shake my head still in disbelief as I stare up at the large tan painted beach house spread out in front of me. I wonder if I could get away with sitting on the deck over looking the beach for the night...

"Mer?" Meadow questions, "you coming?"

I snap out of my own thoughts and follow them to the door. I can spell the booze and hear the music from the end of the drive way.

All the while I just keep repeating one thought

This isn't my scene, why am I here?

Meadow slightly bangs on the door hoping someone hears over the loud, floor vibrating music.

"Fashionably late!" The man who opened the door yells, "come on in!" He opens the door wide enough for us to walk in without hitting anybody dancing.

Yeah...definitely not my scene.

A/N: Well there's that...

And yeah this chapter is kind of boring (but most first chapters are am I right?) and definitely not as good as my other work, but I said I would have this up more than a week ago so I guess it's better than nothing right? Well I promise the next chapter with be longer and slightly better ^~^

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