Chapter 76

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Tears of grief were running down my face in streams as I looked at the funeral pyre before me. I swallowed with emotion, clinging to the fingers that were intertwined with mine, reminding me that we were all going to miss him. I sucked in a hitched breath as I reached out my arm and someone handed me the torch. I looked back at the pyre before me and memories of him started running through my mind. Another deep breath while I closed my eyes and I took the first slow steps towards the pyre. We were all gathered here to honor his sacrifice; to celebrate his life and our victory. My black gown sparkled under the light of the torch as I slowly walked forward, my wings eerily highlighted as it flickered in my hand. And slowly, the Angel of Death reached out and lit the pyre as the gathered watched, the flames engulfing it instantly.

Fingers gently pulled me backwards, safely away from the growing flames. Tears were still streaming down my face as I watched the flames licking higher, surrounding him, his body casting a shadow against them that showed his profile. One that I had come to love and cherish; one that had been taken away from me. Arms came around me from behind, trying to offer comfort, making my eyes close. I'll always be there for you, Little Thing. I couldn't breathe with the grief, the arms behind me pulling me back against a hard frame, a kiss planted on my temple. The memories of the previous night and how he had been lost to us came back to me like I was reliving them again in the present, as I stared into the flames.

The shot sounded and Drogo's eyes met mine as he slumped against me; the poisoned bullet he had taken for me lodging deep within his heart. No bottle of antidote would ever be able to save him. Not from a bullet in the heart. My red eyes flicked behind him, to see the leader of the Templars smiling and preparing to fire again. My arms came around Drogo and I jerked our bodies to the side to avoid the shot, carefully laying Drogo on the floor of the office in vamp speed. I sprang at the Templar and grabbed his pistol-wielding arm, snapping it like a twig, making the man scream. I was so enraged my eyes were glowing and my fangs descended to their full length, on a ferocious open-mouthed snarl. I saw terror enter the man's face as I reached for him, instantly crushing both of his fists in mine.

A shove and he went flying backwards onto the floor of his office. I towered over him and my boot reached over and I slowly put pressure on the man's leg, snapping it in two. I smiled as he screamed his pain, reaching out to repeat the process on the other one. "You're going to beg for mercy before I'm done with you, but first hang onto that thought for a few moments." I left him screaming in agony there, quickly returning to Drogo on the floor of the office. He was so weak and only getting weaker by the second, as the poison spread through his whole system. I placed a hand on the side of his face and his heavy lids lifted slightly, his amber eyes barely meeting mine. Little Thing. I stroked his cheek. "I'm sorry, Drogo," I whispered.

I stood up and looked around, my eyes falling on the Templar's desk. I reached out and fisted what I needed, bending back down. I set it down beside him and reached around behind me. I turned back to Drogo and leaned over him once more, stroking him as his dulling eyes tracked me. "I'm sorry, Drogo, this is going to hurt like hell," I whispered again. I uncapped the massive needle and with two hands, I drove it right down into his heart, pushing the plunger down. The antidote started spreading through his system, counteracting the poison with each beat of his heart. I removed the needle, tossing the syringe to the side and I reached out to flip Drogo over. My hands reached out and tore his shirt up his back, revealing the entry wound for the bullet. I reached down and grabbed the letter opener that was more like a dagger.

I didn't have time to be gentle or slow. I plunged the letter opener into his back and started working the bullet out; my magic aiding the process as he groaned. I made sure not to touch it as it came out of the wound, using my magic to suspend it and send it hurtling across the room into the Templar's gut. I removed the letter opener and was relieved to see Drogo's wound healing over. I turned him over again and leaned down, putting my wrist to his mouth. "Come on, Drogo. Don't you dare die on me," I threatened him. I felt him bite down and start feeding, his fingers sliding onto my arm to hold me there, as he took what he needed. His eyes opened and met mine; slowly they brightened and were a flaming red.

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