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Ellen’s POV

Louis watches my hand as I lift it to the window above our heads and write our initials into the fogged window, the cool glass sending tingles down my finger, bringing the cold skin down to trace over Louis nipple, a groan leaves his  lips causing me to laugh.

“That’s cold.” He whispers closing his eyes and I nod admiring my work on the window, the letters ‘L’ and ‘E’ placed in a love heart graced the window as Louis and I lay wrapped in each other’s arms, our legs tangled.

“Louis.” I whisper after a while, thinking he might be asleep but stay still in my position.

“Mmm?” his response is lazy and I know his tired.

“Do you have something, like to cover us? Im cold.” I admit and I feel him nod.

“There’s a blanket in the glove box.” He says sleepily, I sit up out of his grip and lean into the front, as I get the compartment open I feel warm fingertips move over my back, the skin tight as I bend to get the brown marital folded to fit in the glove box, I bring it over to the back and open it out, Louis’ fingers now trailing up my stomach and between my beasts before I lie back down and throw the blanket over us, the marital slightly old and tickles my skin, Louis wrapping an arm around me, pulling me closer and I nuzzle into his body, he rests against the back of the seat while I find comfort in tangling myself with his body. I feel his fingertips lightly running up and down my spine as we lie there listing to the rain hit the roof, my body warming drastically compared to when the cool air in the car was settling on my body after the rush of having sex.

“Goodnight, Louis.” I say and only get a light hum in response, and I know his out, spent from the nights events.

Next morning.

Im startled awake by a wrap on the window, I see an officer standing outside the door as I sit up, keeping myself and Louis covered by the blanket, I open the door slightly.

“You can’t keep your car here over night.” he says not looking at me but at a note pad in his hand, obviously startled by our lack of clothing. “Are you the owner of the vertical?” I shake my head.

“No sir, he is.” I reply and he looks into the car, my hand over my breasts holding the thin brown blanket over my chest, the cool air from outside entering the car and I feel Louis shiver.

“Well because there has been no record of this registration being in any sort of trouble with the law I will let you off, but if I catch you here over night again and with the same lack of clothing you will be given a ticket. Am I clear?” I nod.

“Yes officer.”

“Good, wake your friend and get out of here.” He says and I close the door, I turn to see his patrol car is parked only a few meters away, he gets in sitting there and for a moment I think he is going to wait till Louis and I leave but a few seconds later he drives away.

“Baby.” I shake Louis softly, “Louis.”

“Mmm.” He hums in annoyance.

“The police just told us to leave.” I said and he let out a laugh, “Babe, im serious, he told us we can’t park here over night again or we are going to get a ticket.” His eyes opened searching my face for any sign of a joke before he sat up, the blanket almost uncovering his member, I reach into the front to retrieve our clothes but they are still soaked and cold, Louis smirks.

“Someone’s gonna have hard nipples.” My eye does its stupid squint before I smack his chest.

“Don’t be an arsehole.” He leans over kissing my lips, mocking me by saying my words back, his nose rubbing against mine before we sit up straight again.

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