Yoongi's shadow explodes.

Ding Dong. The ring of the doorbell, announcing the arrival of the rest of their group, breaks the spell. Yoongi drops his hand and looks into Hoseok's bewildered eyes. He releases his stagnant breath. "Let's get going, Seokkie." Hoseok nods slowly, his face plagued by confusion.

He swallows hard as he grabs his hand gently and pulls, pretending like he doesn't recognise the guilt and disappointment on Hoseok's face. Pretending like he wasn't one breath away from kissing the life, and possibly even the light, out of him.


The days pass by in a flurry.

All of Yoongi's time is spent between the studio and Seokjin's apartment. Jeongguk's album is coming along splendidly and he's overjoyed. Seokjin is quite pleased with how the music is turning out, and is contemplating whether to feature an established artist, perhaps Namjoon, on one of the tracks.

Hoseok has been arriving late these days, what with how busy he is with his showcase. He looks more and more tired as the days go by. The only thing that seems to sustain him appears to be Seokjin's cooking and Taehyung's warmth. Though it pains to see the two of them practically glued together everyday, Yoongi is happy that Hoseok is coping up with the pressure.

He dreams about him.

He dreams about that scene every night now. He can almost feel his skin as his fingers stroke his face. And every night, the moment their lips touch, he wakes up in a cold sweat and tight boxers.

It is the day before Hoseok's showcase. He looks like a nervous wreck. Yoongi gently strokes his hair as he hums painfully. "You'll be okay," he whispers soothingly. Hoseok purrs as he presses his head into Yoongi's fingers. He slams down on his starved shadow, even as he ignores the yearning in Hoseok's half-lidded eyes. He continues to rub his hair, as he whispers words of encouragement.

And he rubs his hair and neck all night, until he's out the door wrapped in Taehyung's warm arms and possessive blue flames.


The night of the showcase, he's late due to traffic and a bad studio session with one of the female artists in the agency. He's sure he broke quite a few traffic rules on his way there.

As he makes his way to his seat in the front row, next to Namjoon; he's pleased to see how hyped the crowd is for the boys on stage, dancing with overflowing passion and vibrancy. Their enthusiasm is palpable and their hard work translates into the smooth transitions of their moves, and their synchronisation with each other and the music. Their performance ends with a bang, some boys flying over each other, culminating in extremely aesthetic theatrics.

Yoongi smiles as he takes in the applause that vibrates through the stadium. He looks to his right to comment to Namjoon about how Hoseok's hard work has payed off so well; but he stops when he sees Namjoon's eyes transfixed on something at the corner of the stage. When he looks forward, he loses all function of his brain. The act isn't over. It's only just begun.

He watches in painful amazement as Hoseok makes his way on stage. He adorns a simple white shirt and blue jeans. He starts to dance as the music flows. He wasn't lying when he said that the music moves to Hoseok. Rather than the other way around. Yoongi is lost in the sheer beauty that is Jung Hoseok. The sounds disappear, the people on stage disappear, and it's only Hoseok moving his body in sinful ways, that are simultaneously so pure and beautiful, it cuts like a knife and heals like a balm at the same time.

Yoongi, being the masochist he is, falls harder in love as he etches the scene onto his retinas for eternity. The shape of Hoseok's body, twisting as it played with the music. The sheen of the sweat on his face. The smile that never dimmed.

Until it did.

It was only a second. But Hoseok winced as he flung his limbs like a boneless dance machine. He winced and his light flickered. There was something wrong. Yoongi bolted from his seat and ran towards the back of the stage, ignoring Namjoon's cries.

He could hear the music dying down in tune with the increasing intensity of the applause. As he reached back stage, he saw Hoseok bowing to the now thundering applause, that felt as if it were tearing the world into two.

He could hear the others come in behind him. He could see the flowers in Taehyung's hands, those purple flowers that Hoseok adored. He could hear Seokjin admonishing him for his sudden flight. He could see the worry on Jimin's and Jeongguk's faces. He could feel the anger emanating from Namjoon.

He could see the smile plastered on to Hoseok's ethereally glowing face.

Time seemed to slow down as Hoseok turned around and walked back stage. His smile taking on a surprised curve. Yoongi ran past the dancers to reach him first. He opened his mouth in surprise. A startled "Hyung?" making its way past his heart shaped lips.

Before he collapsed and fell into Yoongi's arms.

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