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Of Yoongi

What brings Yoongi down to Earth are those moments when little blue ripples come off Taehyung's fingers as they hold onto Hoseok, so he won't fly away. The satisfied hum that Hoseok gives out as the blue appears to seep into him breaks his heart every single time.

It reminds him how he can never give him that level of comfort from his element; not that he'll ever know, because he's too scared to try. His gut burns in envy whenever he sees how Taehyung and his element always change Hoseok's mood for the better.

And it's no different now with a tense Hoseok, seeking solace in Taehyung's warmth.

They're all sprawled across different corners of the living room at Seokjin's place, waiting for Namjoon and Jimin to arrive and thus complete their septet friend circle. Yoongi and Hoseok are seated on two ends of the beige couch with a questionable stain on the armrest. Jeongguk is at the door, watching Seokjin make bibimbap with a dopey love-struck expression on his face. And Taehyung is sprawled across the carpet, with his head resting on Hoseok's lap.

Hoseok sighs as he runs his slim fingers through Taehyung's hair. Yoongi is quick to catch on to the apprehension that twists his forehead in worry. So, when he gets up to use the washroom, he follows and waits patiently outside the door. When Hoseok opens the door, he is so distracted by whatever is on his mind, that he doesn't notice Yoongi. When he finally notices, he nearly jumps out of his skin and places his hand over his heart.

"God, hyung! I nearly had a heart attack!" He jabs his shoulder lightly in mock anger.

Yoongi chuckles as he slowly grabs Hoseok's thin wrist in his. "Sorry, Seok." Hoseok smiles and his tiny dimples come out. Yoongi's heart palpitates. "What's wrong, though? You look really stressed."

Hoseok sighs heavily. He removes his hand from Yoongi's grip only to lace their fingers together. Yoongi's shadow stirs and he has to physically restrain himself from leaning closer to the taller man in his reach.

"You know how we're having a showcase next week. It's really getting to me. Everyone's nerves are on edge; they're doing their best, but the pressure has a few of them snapping at each other. And I'm giving a solo performance too, and I feel like I'm so out of tune. It's been so long since I've danced for me. I feel so-" He sighs again and looks up into black understanding orbs that coax out his deepest worries. "What if I'm not as good as I used to be, hyung? What if I've lost my edge?"

Yoongi squeezes his hand around the slim cold fingers that clasp it feebly. He brings his free palm to cup Hoseok's anxious face. He slowly strokes his apple cheeks as he says in his deepest, most reassuring voice, "Hoseokah, you'll never know unless you try and give it your all. You've taught those kids from scratch, and now they're good enough to be pro idols. You're a genius, Seokah. You make the music move to your dance moves, rather than the other way around. And every time I see you move, I want to capture that in music."

Hoseok smiles warmly as he covers his hand. His eyes say thank you and his smile shows restored confidence. Yoongi continues to stroke his cheek, as he notices how Hoseok is glowing. His light never ceases to amaze him; how his golden skin glitters ever so subtly like a painting brought to life. His hand moves its gentle strokes downward to trace the gentle contours of the dimples that abode near his lips. He ponders how they disappear and reappear with every breath he takes. His finger traces the corner of his lip, and he feels Hoseok gasp slowly and hold his breath. His shadow roars as it rams against the confines of his body, lusting for the light at his fingertips. As Yoongi lowers his fingertips to gently brush Hoseok's lower lip, he looks into the younger's eyes, and his breath stops. Hoseok's face is flushed and his eyes are glazed. His light flickers on and off, on and off.

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