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I woke up from a scream.

A blood curdling, throat tearing, scream.

One that could only belong to someone experiencing something truly horrifying.

With my throat feeling raw, and my heart ready to pound through my chest, I realized, that person was me.

I gasped for air, ready for it to fill my burning lungs, had I been holding my breath while dreaming?

Lacey shot up next to me, startled by my scream.

At first I hadn't remembered what I'd been dreaming about.

Then the images came back to me little by little, then all at once.

I choked a sob, the weight in my chest so heavy I felt as if someone was standing on my lungs.

That was no dream, that was a nightmare.

"Oh my god..." my voice cracking out of terror and sorrow.

Does it count as a nightmare, if it's made up of memories?

I felt Lacey wrap her arms around me from behind as the back of my head laid against her chest. I clung to her arm.

Not even realizing it, my tears trickled down her skin, nearly visible in the dark room. My breathing was out of control, the visions running through my head at max speed.

"Shhh... shhh... it's okay. It's just a nightmare you're okay..." I heard Lacey whisper down to me through my hair.

"I...I found her, all the blood, it was everywhere... her body-"

"I know, Ari, I know..." Lacey rocked me back and forth.

Just talking about it made me feel sick to my stomach, the images wouldn't stop, I saw them when I closed my eyes or opened them, regardless.

I could tell I'd be sick any second.

I jumped from Lacey's arms and ran to the bathroom, just making it there on time before I threw up in the toilet.

Lacey ran in after me, pulling my hair back.

I clutched the toilet seat so hard I was afraid I'd break it.

I quit having these night terrors almost a year ago.

I guess with the recent events, it triggered it in the back of my thoughts.

I brought my head up from the toilet bowl and flushed it, breathing heavily.

Lacey rubbed my arms up and down soothingly, as I held back my tears.

I had a little more control over my thoughts now, but my heart still raced, nonetheless.

Remembering that day was a horror of it's own. 

I wished that I had never opened that bathroom door.

I wish I had never permanently burned those images into my brain.

But even if I didn't, I still knew that meant I would never get her back.

I'd never get Ally back...

I was crying now. I knew I was, I used to be so good at holding back my tears. But not now, not now at all.

"I miss her so much..." I cried.

"Oh baby..."

I fell into Lacey's comforting arms and sobbed.

She smelt like sweet lavender lotion, and her heart beat was steady. She swayed side to side as she cradled me in her arms, tears falling down my face.

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