Final Prologue

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Of Taehyung

He knew it the moment he laid eyes on the him.

He was never getting over Jung Hoseok.

Jeongguk was at his second recording with Yoongi when Taehyung walked in, clad in his tiger print jacket and clip on lip ring from the day's photo shoot. He'd stopped sleeping with him ever since he met a certain 'Jin hyung', who seemed to hang the sun in the solar system. This 'Jin hyung' was apparently the manager of the label Jeongguk had recently joined.

Taehyung was a man of action and he thought it was high time he met the man who stole his best friend's heart.

As he sat outside, watching Jeongguk sing with enough passion to fill a million albums, he watched the producer and music director Min Yoongi, narrowing his eyes in concentration. He could sense the shadow in him, a tame and peaceful beast; they would get along quite well.

A few minutes after the end of the recording, a tall broad-shouldered man walked in with flushed pink cheeks and sweat matted hair.

It took one look at Jeongguk's face-splitting grin to ascertain that it was the rumoured 'Jin hyung'.

Taehyung was a man of action so he got up to tease Jeongguk, but stopped in his tracks as he saw the unbridled love on his face, which was equally returned by the elder. He smiled softly as he silently rejoiced for his best friend. But his happiness turned cold when he took one glance at Yoongi. His face was twisted in unbearable pain and jealousy. The expression left as soon as it surfaced, but Taehyung had already got a good glimpse of it to know he was bitter for some reason.

As he pondered over the pale man's pain, the only conclusion he could come across was that he must be in love with Jin. What a tragedy this turned out to be for Yoongi; Jin was well and truly gone for Jeongguk.

After Jeongguk had introduced him to both Yoongi and Jin, who was called Seokjin, the four of them decided to grab dinner from the closest Italian restaurant, despite Yoongi's weak protests.

On the way there, Taehyung studied the love on the new couple's faces as well as the wistful look on Yoongi's. He pondered whether he would ever find anything close to love. He was quite satisfied with his one night stands and his friends with benefits (he'd definitely miss Jeongguk now that he was committed, but oh well). Maybe there was someone out there, made just for him. Someone who'd love him for his everything, curse and all.

As they approached the table, he saw Yoongi's face morph into one of surprise and then the most magical transformation he had ever seen. He saw a smile so pure and serene, he wanted to capture it into a painting. He wanted to feel the same way. So he turned towards where the elder was looking.

That's when his world stopped spinning. His lungs stopped breathing. His heart stopped beating. His curse stopped stinging.

He laid his eyes on the most beautiful being he'd ever see as long as he lived. He laid his eyes on a man with golden skin and a diamond smile.

"Yoongi hyung, Jin hyung, Kookie! What a coincidence! I just had a meeting with one of the groups here tonight."

Tae watched as the angel's eyes focused on Yoongi. His smile diminished in intensity but magnified in warmth. And love.

Taehyung's heart broke.

In the few seconds he had seen this ethereal creature, he had fallen in love for the first time, and had his first heartbreak as well. Because of course, he and Yoongi must be lovers; what with the way they look at each other as if they hold each other's oxygen.

The object of his new-found desires seem to finally notice Taehyung. His heart shaped mouth twists into an 'O' of recognition. He turns back to Yoongi and bows, "It seems I'm interrupting your work I'll get going then, hyung. Good night." And he turns around to leave. Yoongi and Seokjin are about to call him back, but Taehyung beats them both to it.

He grabs onto the shorter man's frail wrist and gently turns him around. His face is surprised and Taehyung wants to kiss his mouth into a smile.

"It's not work. I'm Jeongguk's friend, Taehyung. You are?"

The elder man smiles awkwardly. "Hi, I'm Jung Hoseok. I'm a childhood friend of Yoongi hyung and Jin hyung. It's a pleasure to meet you."

A friend, he'd said. And as Taehyung glances at Yoongi's face, he sees fear and jealousy as the older man is focused on where his large hand wraps around Hoseok's smaller wrist.

They weren't lovers. Taehyung's heart pieces itself back together.

Taehyung was a man of action; never one to shy away from what he wanted. "Come join us for dinner, Hoseok-are you my hyung?" The smaller nods, and stares awkwardly at where Taehyung's hand is still holding onto him, with no intention of letting go any time soon. Tae smiles seductively, "Help me understand the man who's dating my best friend, Hoseokie hyung."

And ever so slyly, he pulled Hoseok to the table. He removes his hand from Hoseok's wrist only to wrap it securely around his waist, much to Hoseok's panic (which he chose to smoothly overlook).

He looked over his shoulder at a startled and furious Min Yoongi and gave him his most challenging smirk.

This angel was his.

His blue cursed shadow ran havoc in his blood stream sending chills down his spine.

He'd finally found the one and he'd be damned if he lost him for some stupid reason like true love.

So what if Yoongi might possibly be the love of Hoseok's life?

Hoseok, from the moment Taehyung laid his eyes on him, became the love of his life.

He bent down to whisper in his honey laden baritone into Hoseok's sensitive ear, "You are quite possibly the most beautiful person I will ever see in my life." He smiled happily as he felt the shiver that ran through Hoseok's being. The smaller man turned beet red and spluttered adorably; and Taehyung wanted to devour him then and there, even as he reigned his shadow in.

He smiled down at the embarrassed man, looking at Yoongi for help. Taehyung held Yoongi's venomous glare as he sipped his vine.

He knew it the moment he laid eyes on him.

He was never getting over Jung Hoseok.

And he was going to pull every string to make him fall irrevocably in love with him.

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