Prologue 3

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Of Jimin and Seokjin


"Jimin." "Jiminah!" "Chimchim!" "Jiminnie." "Park Jimin!"

Jimin loves how Namjoon always says his name.

When they're relaxing on the couch, watching Netflix. "Jiminnie, let me massage your foot for you."
When he burns the toast for the seventh consecutive time. "Chimchim, I'm so sorry! It's the stupid toaster. It's cursed."
When Jimin accidentally switches off his laptop and all his progress is lost. "Jimin, I swear! I was almost done with that! How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my office?!"
When he's hovering above him with his face flushed red looking down at him in awe. "Jiminah, you're so beautiful. What did I do to deserve you?"

He and Namjoon are perfectly compatible. They get along with little to no effort. Conversation seems to flow perennially between them. They rarely have any arguments. They love to spend time together without suffocating each other. He is the complimentary air element to Namjoon's sensitive water.

What more could Jimin possibly want?

He loves Namjoon's face with the forever serious eyes and gentle smile with dimpled caves in his cheeks. His sensitive and intellectual personality. His philosophical words and his silly shenanigans. The way he burns toast but writes lyrical gold. The way he always makes love with care, as if Jimin were made of glass.

He loves Namjoon.

But he isn't in love with him.

He knows that the other man isn't in love with him either, in spite of being incredibly fond of him. Jimin knows that Namjoon and he will never be in love with each other. They're the perfect match, but the romance is based more on fondness than urgency. He's seen the urgent kind of love. The one where you feel like you'd die for your significant other, but you wouldn't live a day without him.

He's seen that with Yoongi and Hoseok. He's never asked Hoseok why he and Yoongi aren't acting on that love. The movies and the novels always say to grab on to the love of your life. But there must be a reason why Yoongi and Hoseok don't act on their mutual love; if their heartbroken eyes are anything to go by.

But he'll never ask.

He's satisfied with Namjoon. With their relationship. With their fondness that isn't dangerous. He knows he'll be okay being with Namjoon forever, being fond and accommodating. He'd also be okay with parting ways and staying on amicable terms. Where they are now is comfortable. Together, they are content.

So, Jimin is happy with Namjoon.

He loves him.

He loves the way Namjoon constantly calls his name every waking hour.

Because when he's asleep, he calls out with tear stained cheeks and breathy murmurs, "Hoseok."



Every person on Earth has an element. For some, it's as dormant as just coming out in sparks when they're overwhelmed. For few others, it's so dominant, it materializes every time their nerves act up.

There are six elements: fire, water, earth, air, shadow, and the rarest: light.

Seokjin received his element, like all others, at the age of 18. Earth.

His family and friends were quite surprised as he came from a strong lineage of fire elementeers. But they were all delighted nonetheless. Seokjin with his broad strong shoulders and grounded personality was quite suitable fro the earth element.

Yoongi was next to get his element: shadow. His elementing ceremony went by without much commotion. No one was surprised. Silent and calculative Yoongi, who was a genius with music even at such a young age, was the stereotypical shadow elementeer.

Seokjin still remembers how excited Hoseok was when Yoongi's shadow came out. How his eyes twinkled with awe as he giggled when the shadow flames danced on his golden skin.

Seokjin also remembers how Yoongi looked so blissful watching Hoseok play with his shadow element. Perhaps it's a figment of his imagination, but Seokjin can almost remember how Yoongi's shadow seemed to glow wherever it touched Hoseok's skin; almost as if it sensed how sacred his flesh was to his existence.

Hoseok presented his element a year after. His element was light. There were celebrations aplomb. Light elementeers were rare, even more so among men. They were viewed as a symbol of prosperity; hence the people drank and made merry as the boy in question glowed.

Seokjin remembers this too. How Hoseok's body glowed golden with enough light to power a thousand dead cities, a million galaxies in a parallel universe; all while he sparkled like a firefly. Hoseok had never looked so beautiful, so peaceful. And when he turned to Yoongi, his light almost grew warmer and softer.

And Yoongi- oh, Yoongi was dumbstruck. Seokjin will never forget the unbridled devotion and amazement on his face. The humility at the wonder that was Hoseok. The way his shadow seemed to outline his body in gentle glitter.

Seokjin will forever remember how Yoongi suddenly paled, the sparks of his shadow sizzling out, as he turned and slowly walked away. Away from a disappointed Hoseok who looked longingly after him as he was engulfed by the enamored crowd.

Seokjin turns around and runs after Yoongi. "What's wrong-"

He doesn't expect Yoongi to snap at him, his eyes nearly flooding with tears that he would never shed before another pair of eyes.

"What's wrong? Everything! He's a light elementeer! Out of every other element! One in a million! Him! I was sure he'd be a fire or air. But then again, it's him! The Sun pales in comparison to his fucking smile. His eyes hold stars and gold and all the good things we''ll never see elsewhere. Oh, lord, Jin hyung! I was going to tell him how I felt about him. How much I love him. Today was the day we would finally be together. God! I feel so cursed! I love him so much! I can't-"

"Yoongi, stop! What's wrong? Light and shadow can be together. There are so many couples out there like the two of you. Hoseok wouldn't mind in the slightest. What-"

Yoongi curses. "Hyung, you don't understand." He takes a deep breath.

Seokjin will never forget the love and pain in Yoongi's eyes. He will never forget the determination and the devotion.

Seokjin will never forget the fear in Yoongi's eyes on that night; the night that changed everything.

"Hyung, my shadow wants to devour him."

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