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I haven't seen or spoken to Gelo in 2 weeks and it feels horrible, today is Monday which means school. I got ready and did my hair and make up and then got changed into a simple outfit and grab my car keys and left. When I arrived at school I saw Gelo leaning against his car, he was on his phone just staring at the screen. I walked past him and felt his eyes on me as I past him, I met up with Jas and went to class.
It's lunch and I still haven't spoke to Gelo and I'm beginning to regret saying the things I did but I shouldn't because it's the truth I'm single and so if he we aren't together.
I stand up and decide to go and and speak to him, I walk up to the table he was at with his friends. "Gelo can I speak to you for a minute?" I ask him looking at him, he looks up from his phone and nods his head and follows me into the hallway.
"Look I'm sorry about what I said to you, I just didn't want you getting hurt because of me and in reality I'm just confused about us and what we are" I said looking down, I could feel my self getting emotional because I really did care about Gelo and wanted him in my life.
"Well like you said you're single and so am I just move on" he said with no emotion in his face and with that he walked back into the cafeteria and left me shocked in the hallway.
I couldn't believe what he just said so I went back into the cafeteria to tell Jas I was going home because I couldn't deal with anyone annoying me after that what Gelo said. As I grabbed my bag and began to walk out the cafeteria just as I was about to open the door someone grabbed my bag making me stumble back, I turned around mad as hell because somebody nearly dragged me backwards. "I told you to stay away from Gelo and what do you do? You're such a slut can you not see he is mine you dirty whore?" Nicole said getting in my face, I push her backwards. "Get the fuck out my face with your stank breathe bitch, he doesn't want you or me get over it". She looked at her friends shocked at what I said and tried to push me to the floor which didn't work because she ended up there instead, I'm not normally a violent person but as soon as somebody touches me something clicks and I can't help it.
"I told you I'm not the one bitch" I screamed while hitting her in the face, " Keep playing with me hœ and I swear you won't be riding dick you'll be riding in a wheelchair!" I yelled before being pulled off her I turn to see who has hold of me and see Gelo. " You get the fuck off me as well dickhead" I said before storming out the cafeteria and into my car.
When I arrived home I decided to take a bath to relax myself and shaved my whole body making it smooth af. When I got out I put on some booty shorts and a crop sweater and began to watch Netflix. An hour later the door bell rang so I ran down stairs and opened it to find Gelo standing there. " Can I Help you?" I said with attitude, he through his head back before saying " lose the attitude Katie and let me in" I rolled my eyes and moved aside letting him in, I walked back upstairs and sat on the bed waiting for him to speak. " Why did you come here?" I asked him while playing with my fingers, he motioned for me to come to him so I did because low key ya girl was in the mood👅.
"You didn't answer my question Gelo, Why are you here?" He looked at me " I wanted to make sure you were okay and wanted to apologise for what I said before because we both know what I said wasn't true I want you Katie and only you".
I smiled and leaned in to kiss him, the kiss began to get heated and he began to remove my top and I helped him take his off. He kissed my neck while pulling my shorts down and began to kiss down my stomach until he reached my area. He licked me and lapped my juices with his tongue, he felt so good. I was a moaning mess and needed all of him, "Gelo I want you" I said pulling his face up to mine.
He pulled down his pants while looking me in the eyes and got a condom out his wallet, he slid it on and rubbed himself against me. "Fuck Gelo be gentle" I moaned scared he would break me.
He gentle slid inside me and began to moved slowly, it was a feeling I'd never felt before. I moaned his name but he stopped and looked at me, he put his hand around my neck " Baby who am I" he whispered in my ear. "Gelo" I moaned, "c'mon baby" he said eagerly. I knew what he wanted me to say, " Daddy" I moaned which sent him crazy he sped up the pace and it felt like he was in my guts. I could feel myself getting close, " Fuck baby girl you're so tight" he said moaning. My back arched " Daddy I'm going to cum" I said, " Me too baby" he said while kissing my neck. We both came at the same time and he pulled out and we went to clean ourselves up. We ended up cuddling and watching Netflix before we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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