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Say the name seventeen😂

Hoshi and Mina walked into the police station with handcuffs. "Name?" The guy stared at Mina waiting for her answer.

"Kwon Mina"

"Name?" The guy said to Hoshi.

"Hoshi" he said blankly. The guy was not having it and slammed his fist on the table and pointed his other hand at him.

"I'm not shitting around right now kid, listen to me right now and tell me your name" Hoshi glared at him. Before giving his answer...
Oooo WHATS going on? o_O
"The coffee shop?!" Everyone stepped out of the car making their way towards the coffee shop. "Hyung I'll have you know that Renjun can NOT handle caffeine" Renjun scoffed and Ten chuckled as he opened the door for them.

They walked in to the smell of coffee and pastries. "Cookies!" Jisung ran over to where the pastries and desserts were. "Jisung relax" Ten walked over behind the counter and clocked in.

He put his apron on and went back to the front counter where Renjun and Jisung were standing. "May I take your order" Jisung and Renjun's eyes lit up.

"I want coffee!"

"I want cake!" 

They both said at the same time. Ten just understood and tapped some buttons on the screens before he answered with "that with be 4 dollars and 69 cents" Jisung snorted covering his mouth while silently laughing. Ten and Renjun glared at the young boy. "Mcxuse me child I don't think you should know that kind of stuff" Jisung pouted with his cheeks puffed as Ten and Renjun's glare was replaced with a soft uwu.

"I'm sixteen" he stomped his foot like a five year old. "Not in my eyes" Ten laughed at Renjun's comment before Renjun got his money out paying the cashier. Ten then pressed a button that got all the money out. He put the money away and got out a penny. He tossed it slightly to Renjun who caught it.

"What am I gonna do with a penny" Renjun rolled his eyes. "Lucky penny of course! Who knows maybe it'll save someone's life" Ten then disappeared to go make the coffee and get the cake.

Renjun's guides him and Jisung over to a table near the door where they got a window view. There was a fan over them and it was making them slightly shiver. Just then a blond boy and red headed girl walked in. "Put the rice down god dammit we're in public!" The slightly familiar girl scolded the boy.

He gave her a cute pout that's when it snapped. "Mina? Hoshi?" Renjun said quietly yet loud enough for them to hear. Their eyes widened. They ran over to the two "where's Ten you NEED to get him out of here!" They whisper yelled. "What? Why- oh my god" two police officers walked in. Jaehyun and Yuta.

"We're fucked. Quickly try to hide! Jisung go to the bathroom, Renjun put your hood on and stare at the window while Hoshi and I go to Ten" Mina said her plan and grabbed Hoshi's wrist dragging him to the front counter. She slid in and went to the back where Ten was.

"What do you mean they ran out of cake! My son is out there starv- guys?" Ten was arguing with one of the suppliers over the phone until he saw his 'children' panting. "What happened to your hair?" He asked while his fingers brushed through the red and blond hair.

"Cops! They got Hoshi and I when we came into the neighborhood. Some old hag saw us following you so she called the cops because we were 'suspicious'" Mina rolled her eyes remembering what happened.

"Then the cops came and took us and said we HAVE to do it otherwise... one of us goes to jail and the other has to go in" Hoshi finished the rest. "They're looking for you Ten, and they won't stop until they find you and that's why we're here because they looked at your file! They know your here-" a loud bang could be heard from the door.

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