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Next morning

Ellen’s POV

“Are you going to be right going to school?” Louis asks softly as he brushes my hair from my forehead and I shrug.

“I don’t think im going to go.” my fingers are taken in his as he lifts them to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back.

“Im sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.” He whispers, I sit up wrapping my arms around him, he nuzzles his head into the crook of my neck and I sub stand a wince as his head bumps my saw neck and I run my fingers though his hair as he holds me around the middle.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“But I should have been there to stop him, to kick his arse and not let him get away with it. Harry should have kicked his arse.”

“Harry didn’t know it was me, im lucky he even stopped because I don’t think I would have been able to follow through with anything other than the punch.” I look at my hand as Louis pulls away, there’s a small cut between two of my knuckles, Louis’ fingers trail up my arm and over my shoulder till he lightly bushes the tips of his fingers over the saw skin, the skin that had been dotted with purple last night.

“They’re really bad now.” He whispers, almost to himself as he observes them, I frown and pull away from his touch, catching his hand with mine.

“Please stay home with me.” My plea is soft as I look back to see Louis nod, he had gotten ready for school and was about to leave when I woke, “Come back to bed.” I whisper, he kicks his shoes off, scooting back to his side of the bed and I fix the doona over his body as he pulls my into him, his warmth heating my body as I stroke my fingers up and down his chest and stomach which is covered by a shirt.


I was in the kitchen searching though draws looking for a measuring cup, I tilted my head to the side when I come across my journals, they aren’t how I left them, my eye dose the stupid little squint before I stand to my full height, my hands on the edge of the counter and I think, my lip taken between my teeth as I kick it shut getting Louis attention.

“I told you not to read the books.” His feet leave the coffee table and he sits up on the lounge looking at me, “But you read them anyway.” My tongue runs over my teeth as I make my way around the other side of the island. “Why?” I raise an eyebrow but he doesn’t meet my gaze. “What else do you go behind my back and do?” I raise me voice and he looks up at me, his lips moving as he tries to form words. “Tell me Louis!” I shout, “Why?” I stand there and look at him for a moment, but he still doesn’t say anything, I grip my jacket from its place hanging over the stool and walk towards the door, Louis tells me to wait but the door is slammed and I am jogging down the stairwell while slipping my jacket on. I go thought the front doors of the building and though the small gape between the buildings and to the park that is conveniently placed behind the apartment complex. During the day it is occupied by children and their mothers and fathers but it’s after dark as I sit on one of the four swings, resting my head on the chain as I swing it slightly, my feet never leaving the ground though. I know I shouldn’t care that he did it but I asked him not to, he told me he wouldn’t, I know he knows about Lynthia but he doesn’t know about the shit that went on in my life after her, he doesn’t know how fucked up I really an and even if he says it’s a good thing he will never change my mind, I will always think I am not good enough for him or anyone for that matter. My head flicked to my right as I heard the chain to the swing beside me chatter, Louis sat down and I looked straight ahead again.

“Im sorry.” I hear him speak, but I don’t egnolage it as I look ahead at the dark park. “Baby.” Louis says softly as he now stands by the swing, his hand clasping the chain causing it to stop its little movements, he takes a step so he is in front of me, his hand trailing down the chain to mine as he grips them, tugging me up, I wrap my arms around his neck as he does the same around my middle, his face nuzzles into the crook for my neck as mine does the same to his. “Im sorry.” He whispers again and I pull away looking up at him, raindrops falling onto us softly dotting our clothes with water before it became heavy, he crashes his lips onto mine as my fingers grip the nape of his neck, my other hand fisting his drenched shirt as he desperately holds me to his body, we pull away from the kiss as Louis starts to Laugh, I look over his shoulder as I hold him to me just as desperately as he was holding me.

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