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Three weeks later

Ellen’s POV

I had started a new job, a bar not that far a walk from the apartment building, Louis and I have decided on him moving in and were in the middle of bringing everything to the apartment, it seems that while we were in Australia Sassy and Bandit had gotten bigger and are no longer my cute little kittens. I slipped into a pair of black shorts and a singlet, I hopped around the wardrobe to Louis amusement trying to get my cuff boots on, when I had both my feet back on the ground I made my way towards my boyfriend standing in the door way.

“Funny huh?” he nods and I place a kiss to his lips, we walk out of the wardrobe and though the bedroom, I throw my hair up into a ponytail as we make it to the main room where I grab my trench and slip it up my arms and onto my shoulders, I slip my keys and phone in my pocket before kissing his lips once more, “I’ll see you tonight.” He nods and watches me head to the door.

Louis’ POV

I had been going behind Ellen’s back and reading the journals while she was at work or just out, I had finished the second and third one, in the fourth she start to talk about how everything is changing, mostly privet things the I feel like I should skip the things she told her sister when she was fourteen. She writes less frequently in this journal but explains more things, I learn a lot about her family, her friends and what she was like before I met her, surprisingly I had finished that one in two hours, Ellen wouldn’t be back till two so I started the fifth book, in the first five letters she is still fourteen but she explains her fifteenth birthday as a tragedy.

To Peaches,

Today was our fifteenth birthday, it was terrible, I didn’t have a party, I didn’t feel the need, I went to see you after everything went bad, I left you your favourite deep red roses, I had a few girls from school spend the night, we had gone in the pool a lot yesterday, but everything I did to prepare for the day went to shit because Taylor the stupid slut told everyone to go back to hers, it was four in the fucking morning and they all decided to walk to Taylors, TAYLOR LIVES IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SUBURB! Tegan stayed though, I seriously hoped they’d all get in trouble for leaving in the dark, Tegan and I ended up going to sleep around four thirty and when I work up she stayed for breakfast before I told her I wanted to be alone.

30th Maarch 2011

Ellen’s POV

It was just after two when I took the back exit to the bar and started heading home taking my normal way and getting there less than ten minutes later, Louis was asleep with the cats on his chest and stomach when I enter the room, I slip out of my clothes and slip an oversized jumper over my head, pulling the covers back gently and getting in, he doesn’t wake but Sassy comes and lies on my stomach, both Louis and I having a cat on our bodies and soon im asleep.

Next morning

I had woken up to the sound of the shower, moving my head to the side on the pillow to I could see Louis standing with his back to me in the glass shower, beautifully necked as he rubs his hands though his hair, I watch as he finishes up his shower and entering the wardrobe coming out in his school clothes and finally noticing I was awake.

“Thank for the show.” I smirk and he presses my body into the mattress.

“Your very much welcome, maybe you should have joined it.” I smile and press a kiss to his lips.

“Im sure there would have been a show is I did.” We grin at one another.

“How was work?”

“Good.” I say the same thing I do every time he asks me about work, I don’t want to tell him about the flirting guys even though I know he already has an idea, “When are you leaving?” I ask and he looks towards the bed side table.

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