Chapter 2

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Angel's POV

"Mooommmmm! Dads aren't letting me go out!"

I walked downstairs and into my living room, only to see Alexis glaring at Xavier and Xander who were stubbornly holding her down on the couch. I cocked my eyebrow and took in the situation.

"Why exactly aren't you letting her out?"

"Because she is our little baby! We can't let her out at this hour!"

"I'm seventeen!" Groans Alexis from between her fathers.


I look at the clock on the wall and mentally facepalm. These guys fit the role of overprotective fathers by 110%.

"It's quarter past seven."

"Which means it's going to get dark soon. See, the sun is setting already!"

"You do know that Calum is going to be there, right?"

They act like kids with candy they don't want to share sometimes, I swear. But that overprotectiveness is a huge part of their personalities, especially when family is involved. And as fortunate or unfortunate it is, I love every aspect of these two mates of mine.

"Come on then, Lex." I reached my hand towards her, sighing.

The twins looked very pleased with me complying to their wishes.

Inside of my head, though, I was smirking. If only they knew.

"What?! But, mom!" Alexis was looking at me with eyes open wide, not believing that her mom would just agree with her dads on something that they had just been arguing about.

"Come on now, I need your help. Do you think we still have those pink bed sheets you loved when you were little?"

"With the Disney princesses? But why do you...?" She followed me confused.

"Well we need to set up the guest room for your fathers. And before you ask, we're using those pink sheets just because they don't like them."


I turned around to face Xavier and Xander with a fake smile and raised eyebrows.


"Why are we suddenly sleeping in the guess room? When was this decided?"

"It was decided at the exact same moment when you two decided not to let Alexis out of the house tonight."


"Hey mom!" Ethan and Nathan walked into the kitchen, nearly giving me a heart attack.

Okay not really, I just jumped.

"Wait, didn't dads tell you to stay out of the kitchen after last time?"

"Nope, definitely not." I answered and continued cooking.

"So... if we mindlink them and tell them that you're in the kitchen-"

Ethan was cut off by having to dodge the wooden spoon I had thrown in the direction of his head. Sadly, I missed.

"So how was school today?"

Nathan snorted in amusement and shook his head.

It was quite amazing how much they took after their dads. Their height and hair the most noticeable features. And they got the dimples, making them look like angels every time they smiled.

"Seriously mom? That distraction is not going to work."

Ethan picked up the spoon I had thrown and put it into the sink.

"You think so? I think it worked." I said as I turned off the stove as the food was ready.

"Can you get the table ready, please? And call your dads down."

Ethan took the plates while Nathan handled cutlery.



"Mom's in the kitchen!"

Two set of feet were heard running down the stairs.


They sprinted into the kitchen and it took them only a second to scan the room with their eyes and then make their way towards me.

Xavier picked me up despite my wriggling and telling him to put me down. Xander looked over my hands to see if I had damaged them and sighed in relief when he found nothing.

"We told you not to cook, baby. After what happened last time-"

"Last time was an accident. I wasn't paying attention like I should have. But I'm okay now and that little mishap isn't going to stop me from cooking for my family. Neither are you two."

"Baby you know we only want you safe."

I sighed, looking at their puppy faces.

"I know, and I appreciate that but I'm fine. And that's all there is to it."

I gave them both a kiss on their cheek and forehead before telling Xavier to put me down.

"Lunch is ready, let's go and eat."

Xavier carries me to the table and put me down onto my chair which was situated between his and Xander's seats.

I had made some rice with a chicken sauce and vegetables that were cooked in the oven.

Lunch was eaten mostly in silence, only the clanking of forks and knives against the plates as everyone focused on filling their stomach.

I finished before the others so I stood up and took my dishes to the sink where the wooden spoon and some other dishes were waiting.

As I started loading the dishes into the dishwasher, Xander called for me.

"Baby angel."

I turned in question and tilted my head.

"Come here, we'll put the dishes away, you come and sit."

I smiled and went to sit back down between the twins, Xavier was still gobbling down the last pieces of rice and chicken he had on his plate. I was a bit afraid that he will choke on the food if he speedeats like that but before I could say anything he had already finished.

He turned towards me with a smile.

"Thank you, baby angel. That was really delicious."

"It sure was." I heard Xander say from behind me and I blushed as they praised me.

"Thanks mom, that was really good." Ethan and Nathan agreed.

All four of them stood up and went to put their dishes away.

Xavier and Xander came to take me upstairs so we could have some cuddle time. They needed it daily or they and their wolves would get grumpy. And when they were grumpy, they were a lot more touchy-feely, I didn't really mind it but when we had guests over it was sometimes a bit overwhelming.

Ethan and Nathan made their way upstairs behind us, muttering something about English homework.

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