Just a Backache? (Harry)

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Harry grunted as he stood up from the kitchen table to put his bowl in the sink. I eyed the way he stiffly moved and raised an eyebrow at him when he turned around.

"Everything alright?"

He sighed. "Yeah, my back just hurts a little more than usual today," he admitted with a sigh, running a hand through his messy hair.

"I'm sorry, love. Do you want me to get you some medicine and a hot water bottle, or something?" I offered, standing to meet him as I dumped out the milk from my own cereal bowl. He shook his head.

"Already took some medicine," he explained, yawning. He grunted again and winced slightly, bending over to one side a bit. He looked tired and a bit peaky, and I couldn't help but feel the need to comfort him. I stuck my hand under his shirt and gently ran it up and down his back a few times.

"How can I help?" I asked, hating the frown that had spread across his face.

"Could you maybe give me a massage? Might stop the ache for a bit," he replied, rubbing at one eye.

"Sure, babe. You wanna lie down on the bed or the couch?"

"Bed, please. M'still a little sleepy." I nodded, smiling a bit at how precious he was when he was tired. I couldn't stop myself from reaching up and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. He smiled back slightly, one dimple peaking out. I poked it and he breathed out a quiet giggle, making my heart swell. At least he was feeling okay enough to smile.

I took his hand and started toward the bedroom, humming along to nothing in particular. He took off his shirt and laid on his stomach, wincing a bit at the movement. I frowned at seeing him in pain and made it my goal to get him feeling better as soon as possible.

I straddled over him, resting a bit of my weight on his bum. I laid my hands on his back and dug my thumbs in a bit, trying different spots. He seethed in a breath when I went a little lower.

"There?" I said, halting at the obvious pain I'd caused.

"Yeah...'urts," he groaned against the sheets.

"Okay, I'll be gentle," I promised, rolling my knuckles softly against the spot. He let out a deep breath and relaxed into the mattress. "Better?" I asked, receiving a small nod.

I continued to massage gently all over his back, pressing deeper when he told me to. After a while, he got quiet and I assumed he was asleep. There was still a slight frown covering his face, and I wished that I could help more. After a couple of minutes, he groaned lowly.

"Sorry, did that hurt?" I asked, taking my hands away again. He didn't answer, he only groaned again even though I wasn't touching him.

"Get off of me," he said in a strangled voice. I wouldn't have recognized it as him if I hadn't personally seen the words leave his mouth.

"Harry, I—"

"Get off," he insisted, squirming a bit. I obeyed, climbing off of him as fast as I could, figuring that I'd hurt him.

Instead of flipping over like I thought he would, he scrambled to the edge of the bed and coughed wetly. My eyes widened as I watched him heave suddenly, losing his breakfast all over the floor. I froze in shock, and he puked again, his stomach splattering against the hardwood.

"Oh," was all I could say. He coughed a few times and let out a little cry. He spit away a string of saliva that was hanging from his lips and groaned. "Shit, Harry...are you alright?" I asked after a few seconds, a little afraid to touch him in case I'd caused that lovely display. He turned around with tears pooling in his eyes and whimpered.

"I threw up, baby," he whined, as if the realization had just hit him. He scooted over to me and curled up like a small child.

"I see that, love...what happened?" I asked softly, letting him cuddle against my chest. I heard him sniffle, and I just about broke into tears myself. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew he was in pain.

"I d-don't know, just felt it coming out of nowhere, I didn't mean to get sick on the f-floor," he cried, and I just let him get it out. I was worried about him, but the only thing I really knew to do was hold him.

"S'alright, I know it was an accident. So your stomach wasn't bothering you this morning?" He simply shook his head. "Do you feel like you might be getting sick now? Maybe caught something from work?" I asked, pressing my cheek to his forehead. He seemed a little warm, but he was usually a human space-heater, so I couldn't really tell a difference.

"Yeah, I think 'm sick, boo," he moaned, wrapping his arms around his stomach. He hiccuped and I stiffened a bit, almost fearing that he would get sick right there.

"Haz...? You still need to throw up, don't you?" He thought for a moment and nodded, letting a few more tears fall down his face.

"Okay, love, how about we move to the bathroom, yeah?" He nodded again, and I helped him out of bed, holding him up as we walked to the en-suite. He trembled as he sat in front of the toilet, still holding his arms around his middle.

"M'stomach is churning, s'awful," he moaned, voice dripping with nausea.

"Just let it out, babe, you might feel better," I encouraged, lightly laying a hand on his back. He hung his head over the bowl and moaned, his breath hitching with an unexpected gag.

He pitched forward again, and I heard him throw up into the water. Another heave followed almost immediately, cutting off his breath and making him choke.

"Baby," I cooed sadly, rubbing a hand back and forth across his chest to help him breathe instead of patting his already hurt back. He could finally breathe, but he wasn't finished being sick. Eventually, he was empty, and bile was the only thing coming up. He even dry heaved for a while after that, too. A groan escaped his lips as he straightened up and hunched over again.

"This hurts my back," he admitted, leaning over to one side and supporting himself with a shaky arm. I got an idea and moved back toward the wall, leaning against it. I held my arms out and patted my chest, figuring he was done and needed some rest.

"C'mere." He glanced back and gave me a wobbly smile, moving to sit between my legs. He leaned back against my chest, and I reached over to rub his tummy gently. He hummed, but instead of relaxing, he started to cry again. "Alright, love, calm down...you'll make yourself sick again, shh," I said, holding his hand.

"I'm just sorry for being sick in our room," he blurted, voice breaking from the retching.

"I told you not to worry about that, sweetheart, it's alright," I reassured, turning him so he was curled up against my chest.

"Guess we're not going Christmas shopping," he mumbled sadly.

"No, I guess not...but how about cuddling up on the couch with Christmas movies? That sound good?" I offered, hoping to lift his spirits a bit. He smiled and nodded gently, shakily trying to get himself off the floor. I got up before he could and scooped him into my arms, earning a giggle of surprise.

"You love me," he announced, as if it was breaking news. Someone's feeling better.

"Yeah, yeah," I chuckled, letting him bury his face in my neck as we prepared to spend hours cuddling on the couch.

A/N: poor Haz, the things I make him go through :( <3

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