season 8 rant + future plans

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Well, boys, girls and non-binary, let's start with saying that this chapter will contain spoilers from Game of Thrones season 8. So if you haven't seen it, don't read this.

Now when that's out of the way, I can start this rant by saying that season eight was the worst season ever. The plot and character development was flushed down a dirty toilet, only to never be seen again. It was a real shitshow. I've had so big expectations for this season only to be disappointed by D&D's lazy ass writing. I'm gonna go into details about why this thing was such a disappointment.

1. People have started quoting Ramsay by saying; "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." When people say that they're unhappy with how the events of season eight turned out, and let me just say that's straight up bullshit. I wasn't expecting a happy ending, I knew that character's were going to suffer and die! But I still expected a decent fucking ending where everything made sense and left me with little to no "question marks".

2. The Daenerys turning mad plot has been such a popular topic nowadays it just makes me fucking angry. You wanna tell me that Daenerys - who told Yara that the Greyjoys were not allowed to pillage or raid or rape? Daenerys who locked and chained her children after Drogon killed one person? Daenerys who gave water to those who had been crusified on the walk of punishment and tried to free them? Daenerys who did not attack Astapor because she didn't want to risk the life of even one person? Daenerys who hated her brother and how mad he was? Daenerys who critisised herself consantly and went out of her way to ensure that she did not become like her father? Daenerys who saved Missandei and Grey Worm from slavery? Daenerys who ordered the unsullied to kill the slave masters but to harm no innocents? Daenerys who risked herself to stop the khalasar from raping and killing innocents? Daenerys who was shocked and disgusted by the treatment of innocent babies and women in slavery's bay? Daenerys who freed almost ten thousand men from daily suffering and torture? Daenerys who refused to pillage and loot to fund her journey to westeros? Daenerys who earned the loyalty of her people through her love? Daenerys who initially refused the unsullied because she didnt want to participate in the cycle of abuse? Daenerys who refused to reopen the fighting pits which forced slaves to fight to the death? Daenerys who only wanted free people to follow her because she wanted to rule with love instead of fear? Daenerys who was viewed as a "glimmering hope in an increasingly dark world" by those she freed from slavery? Daenerys who freed the slaves of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen? Daenerys who stayed in Meereen in order to gain more experience on how to be a good ruler? Daenerys who married a man she hated so that she could provide safety for her people? Daenerys who executed Mossador, her supporter and friend, for killing an innocent? Daenerys who conquered "for freedom and justice?" Daenerys who Ser Barristan told was nothing like her father? Daenerys who didnt kill Tyrion, who belonged to the house she hated most in the world, because she found him innocent?  Daenerys who called the dothraki "cruel men" for raping and killing? Daenerys who saved Ornela from being killed even if it put her owen safety at risk? Daenerys who spared one of the great masters who tried to kill her and her people? - is a person who would actually turn mad?? No! It's just lazy and shitty writing from D&D.

On another note, can I just say how deeply, deeply sorry I feel for Emilia Clarke right now? Daenerys was the character that made her career, she started playing her at 22 and has spent a DECADE of her life bringing her to life. She worked through TWO aneurysms, put her entire body and soul into this role, for a third of her life, only to have the character destroyed in less than a season. She's poured so much love into playing Dany, and you can tell she's giving it her all this season even through the bad writing that she apparently broke down in tears when she first read. I'm just so, so, SO sorry, Emilia.

3. The Night King plot was over to quick. I feel like the whole series has been built around that it wasn't going to matter who was sitting on the iron throne in the end, the night king would still be the biggest threat, but apparently, D&D had other plans.

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