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Next morning

Ellen’s POV

I woke up to the sun beaming though my window, I was home. I don’t even remember getting here, Louis isn’t with me, the only trace of him is the police hat clutched to my chest, surprisingly my head only has a slight ache, nothing I can’t deal with, I swing my legs off of the edge of the bed and sit up, my feet are free of the knee high leather high heel boots of my costume, sitting on the floor by my bed but body is still in my dress, I stand and make it to the door, my curls a mess on my head as I run my fingers though them.

“Your awake.” I hear my mum say and my head flicks to behind me, I smile.

“Yeah, ah. How’d I get home?” we both walk down the hall and into the kitchen where I jump up on the bench.

“Your father and Tegan’ dad went to pick you all up.” I nod, “Louis is upstairs.” She confirms my next question before I actually ask and I smile.


“Did you enjoy the party?” she asked and I smile as I think back to last night, Louis and I in the change room, I blush and nod.

“Yes. I did, very much.” I start to push the net stockings down my legs and finally pull them from my feet.

“I think Louis’ good for you.”

“What do you mean?” I ask as I rid myself of the second stocking.

“He has changed you.” She shrugs, “You’re not as.” She pauses thinking about it, “Self-conscious.” I don’t say anything, “I think he has a lot to do with it.” it’s true, he makes me feel beautiful something I never felt before him, I always thought people were comparing me to my dead sister, always wondering why I couldn’t be more like her. “Stop thinking about your sister.” My mums hand rises to my face as she places stray hairs behind my ear. “There’s nothing anyone could have done and you were the last person to blame.” I shake my head.

“She is.” She smiles at me before kissing my forehead.

“Happy birthday, to both my girls.” She says and I half smile as she leaves the kitchen, I stay sitting on the bench, looking down at my hands intertwined in my lap.

Five days later

Louis lies on my bed as I fowled my clothes packing them into my suit case; we were leaving tomorrow, going back to London and back to reality of jobs and school.

“Ellen.” Louis gets my attention as I gently place my journals in the suit case.

“Mmm?” I hum my reply.

“I read something one of the first days we were here.” I look towards him and his eyeing the brown leather journal in my hand.

“What?” his eye find mine and I swallow and close my eye for a brief moment.

“The girl in the picture isn’t your cousin is it?” my lips part ever so slightly as I look at him, my head moves side to side before I can proses what im doing, I get to my feet holding a journal.

“You read this?” I asked loudly, he just look at me from the bed, his silence is all I needed to confirm, “Why?” I ask but don’t give him time to respond, “Have you ever been told not to touch what isn’t yours?” his lips part at my words and he swallows, I feel tears start to well in my eyes and I shake my head again, “I can’t believe you.” I pace out of the room, and to the front door, my parents eyes on me as I leave the house, the journal I believe is one of the latest ones in my clasp as I hear Louis call my name, I don’t stop though as I take the slightly long walk to the cemetery, once I am at my sisters grave I collapse and pull my knees to my chest, looking at the dying deep red roses I placed there, tears finally falling from my eyes as I look at the grave stone.

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